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Whole house customization is no longer a new term in the furniture industry, and "laymen" who are slightly involved in furniture have also pasted the label of whole house customization and squeezed into this tide. In order to find suitable entrepreneurial projects, some franchisees will collect a lot of information on the Internet. Many Internet platforms have also derived a variety of brand rankings of whole house customized furniture. Because the evaluation standards of each platform are different, franchisees are also dazzled. If franchisees want to choose excellent projects to join, they should not only look at the industry ranking, but also the comprehensive strength of the enterprise. Strength is the foundation for enterprises to survive in the unpredictable market. The strength of making customized furniture for the whole house is the hard truth! The whole wardrobe brand Deville

if franchisees pay much attention to the ranking of customized furniture brands in the whole house, it is suggested to look at the ranking published by authoritative institutions. In this unpredictable environment of the market, there are not many brands that can really have the customization ability of the whole house. Franchisees should pay more attention and be optimistic about products

among many old brand enterprises, many enterprises have opened up new marketing models according to market demand and achieved good results. Take Deville as an example. In order to help the franchised entrepreneurs become bigger and stronger quickly, Deville strives to create a "1+8 profit quick manufacturing mode" for the corporate operation of franchised stores, with the operator as the core, and "eight pronged" from the aspects of team, system, display, marketing, etc., and the overall operation output. Deville's "1+8 model" has helped many dealers in Chongqing, Hohhot, Hefei, Nanning, Changsha, Ningbo, Zhanjiang, Ganzhou, Zhangjiajie, Huzhou and other cities achieve annual revenue of more than 10 million in a short time, with remarkable results

when investigating excellent entrepreneurial projects, franchisees should not only take the ranking as a reference, but need to identify from multiple dimensions. If they choose an old brand with strong comprehensive strength and the right products, they are believed to be the leaders of furniture brands

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