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In the home decoration industry, many home decoration companies always display free signs to attract customers &mdash& mdash; Free room measurement, free design, free management fee. It seems very attractive, making consumers take advantage of it, but behind some free, is there someone who fell into the trap? Who will pay for these free

first, free management frustrated after-sales

at the exhibition, a middle-aged couple was attracted by a certain decoration company's large discount and free management, and chose the decoration company under the persuasion of the staff. However, less than three months after the decoration, the wall of the home cracked and fell off. The couple went to the home decoration company for after-sales maintenance, but the home decoration company prevaricated on the grounds that it did not charge the project management fee

experts remind that the management fee is used for the quality supervision personnel on the construction site. Generally, the management fee will be charged for home decoration construction, accounting for 5%-8% of the total price. However, some home decoration companies that exempt the management fee mainly use their brains on the quality and quantity of materials to reduce expenses, resulting in quality problems after the completion of home decoration, which are difficult to solve. It is suggested to pay the management fee when decorating. If there is a problem in the later stage, it is convenient to find the home decoration company to be responsible for it, or make corresponding claims

second, the overlord clause of free room measurement

Mr. Li successively invited several home decoration companies to measure the room for free when the house was decorated, but when he wanted to see the renderings, he was told that he needed to pay a certain deposit. As it was the first time to decorate his home, Mr. Shao paid a deposit of 5000 yuan in a company without thinking much. The company promised to refund it at that time, but it would deduct 10%. At that time, he thought it didn't matter. But a week later, Mr. Li's home decoration renderings and budgets came out, but he was very disappointed. Now he is a little more difficult to ride a tiger

experts remind: there is an unwritten rule in the home decoration industry &mdash& mdash; Before the home decoration company produces the renderings, the consumers have to pay a certain amount as a deposit or advance payment. But once the deposit is paid, it may lead to the overlord clause, and you can't get rid of it if you want to

third, free design increases the budget day by day

Ms. He doesn't have much investment in home decoration, so she chose a small home decoration company that provides free design. When signing the decoration contract, the quotation given by the home decoration company seemed reasonable, but with the continuous progress of the decoration project, she found that the items in the contract were also increasing, and the effect of the installation was far from what she wanted, Forcing her to constantly invest in the cost, in the end, the cost of free design is doubled

experts remind: free design often leads to home decoration companies to reduce costs and links of project construction in order to save expenses, and the project quality cannot be guaranteed. Nowadays, the trend of free design in the home decoration market has gone from bad to worse. With the increasingly obvious trend of professional segmentation in the home decoration market, a large number of consumers have accepted design fees, and at the same time, they pay more attention to the professional skills and value of designers

fourth, the mystery behind free design

insiders revealed that although the quotation of decoration companies that charge design fees and decoration companies that do not charge design fees do not appear to be much different on the surface, the workers and construction processes used will be different, and companies that do not charge design fees will omit fees in these aspects as designers' remuneration. The boss of a decoration company admitted that design is the core of the decoration project. A successful and perfect design means that half of the decoration project is completed, and design, as an important intellectual property in the decoration project, will never be free of charge. Even if the decoration company verbally promises to be free, it will definitely make up for it in the future decoration construction. According to the analysis of insiders, if designers can charge design fees, these problems can not be eliminated, but at least they can be controlled

there is no free lunch for home decoration design. Generally speaking, the designer's salary and design material cost account for about 5% of the total cost of home decoration. According to the current profit of about 15% to 20% in the home decoration project, no design fee means that there may be two situations: either the home decoration company tightens the belt to support it, or demolishes the east wall to make up for the west wall, so that the wool comes out of the sheep. The person in charge of a large home decoration company believes that for regular home decoration companies, there is no design fee, and the company itself will bear the expenses, which will virtually increase the operational risk. Therefore, according to him, at present, many regular companies often provide consumers with a few plane design drawings free of charge, and then issue a full set of detailed decomposition design drawings after the contract is signed. However, no matter what the operation is, without charging design fees, it seems to attract some consumers in the short term. In the long run, on the one hand, some companies take free design as the bait. Once the quality is not up to standard, it will not only reduce the price of the company itself, but also eventually lose the trust of consumers and competitiveness; On the other hand, the owners will also think that the free is not genuine, and they are always worried about the quality





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