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At the conference on building Foshan into a national innovative city and scientific and technological innovation held on May 7, Yajie hardware won the top 50 high-tech enterprises in Foshan and the plaque issued by the municipal government. Walk into Yajie hardware together

enter the exhibition hall of Guangdong Yajie Hardware Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yajie hardware"), which is filled with a variety of hardware products. One row of door handles seems to be no different from others, but when you look closer, you can find a small circular logo, which is the unique antibacterial logo of Yajie hardware

since 2012, Yajie hardware has been committed to R & D and production of antibacterial hardware products. After many years of hard work, it has become the "first person" in China to produce antibacterial hardware products. At the same time, it has also made cross-border transformation and research and development of hi system smart home system. Today, the antibacterial hardware products of Yajie hardware have an antibacterial performance of 99% against common Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus under laboratory tests, and the sales of antibacterial products exceeded 50million yuan in 2018

"I have no one, and I am excellent." Talking about the original intention of the research and development of antibacterial hardware products, Liu Jianping, deputy general manager of Yajie hardware, said, "hardware is one of the most frequently contacted objects in our daily life, which has a great impact on human health. But in 2012, we found that clothing, home appliances and other industries have antibacterial products, while hardware does not."

just do it. In 2012, Yajie hardware tried 9 small tank technology experiments and sent them to Guangdong microbial analysis and Testing Center for antibacterial performance testing. However, due to the unstable technical conditions, the results of 7 experiments did not meet the set target requirements. "The production route of antibacterial technology is very long, and each parameter needs to be adjusted due to many factors. However, there is no ready-made standard in the industry, and enterprises can only constantly explore it." Wang Zhong, senior engineer of Yajie hardware, said frankly that innovation is not easy

"there is no turning back when you bow. Since you have taken this road, you must break through." Liu Jianping said. In the face of failure, Yajie hardware can only continue to increase its research and development efforts, conduct technical exchanges with Japanese experts, and analyze and deduce the process setting parameters and influencing factors. After 72 experiments, analysis and testing of more than 40 processes and 8 large tank trial production, we finally got the conclusion that the experimental test and analysis were qualified, and mastered the antibacterial production technology

nowadays, the silver ion antibacterial technology of Yajie hardware has been applied to five categories of products, such as smart door locks, furniture hardware, bathroom hardware, etc. Since the mass production of antibacterial products in 2014, the antibacterial effect has remained stable. All batches of products produced for three consecutive years have been tested by Guangdong microbial analysis and testing center, and their antibacterial performance against common Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus is as high as 99%

in addition to building antibacterial hardware products, since 2012, Yajie hardware has also made a strategic plan for cross-border transformation, and developed a hi system smart home system with door locks as the core, which has been able to successfully connect all sound, light, and electrical equipment such as home appliances, doors and windows, security monitoring equipment, gas pipelines, etc. In 2015, Yajie hardware hi system smart home system was officially launched, and has been implemented in Wenzhou Haitan community, Hainan Boao Yiling maintenance center and other places. In the future, it will also vigorously promote the market and cultivate consumer awareness




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