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Q & A on issues related to wood packaging (III)

Part III outbound wood packaging

1. Why should international standards be adopted for outbound wood packaging

in March2002, IPPC issued the guidelines for the management of wood packaging materials in international trade. Many countries or regions have successively revised their quarantine laws and regulations on imported wood packaging according to international standards, requiring that imported wood packaging be subject to disinfection treatment in accordance with international standards and be marked. Plant quarantine certificates or fumigation/disinfection certificates are no longer accepted. China's wood packaging of goods exported to the above countries and regions must be implemented in accordance with their requirements. Therefore, The General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China (AQSIQ) has formulated the administrative measures for quarantine treatment of wood packaging of outbound goods. I suggest you buy a set of 4-level 1000KN hydraulic universal and 4-level 50kN electronic universal

2. Are all outbound wooden packages subject to international standards

if the importing country or region adopts the No. 15 international standard, the pest control treatment shall be carried out according to the pest control treatment methods specified in the measures, and each package shall be marked. If the importing country or region does not adopt international standard No. 15, the original provisions shall still apply

3. What are the pest control methods for wood packaging

the pest control methods include heat treatment and methyl bromide fumigation, which are consistent with the requirements of international standards

4. What is the content of the logo

the logo is composed of four parts (as shown in the following figure):

the figure on the left is the symbol on the wooden package registered by the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) for carrying out pest control treatment as required

cn is the Chinese national code specified by the international organization for standardization

yy stands for the method of observing sample expansion and sample shape recovery after releasing vacuum after pest control treatment. For example, MB stands for methyl bromide fumigation treatment, HT stands for heat treatment

zz represents the 2-digit code of each directly subordinate inspection and Quarantine Bureau, 000 represents the 3-digit registration number granted by the inspection and quarantine authority to the wood packaging production enterprise, and the combination of the two represents the unique code of each wood packaging production enterprise

5. Where does the enterprise purchase the marked wooden packaging

the using enterprise shall purchase wooden packaging from the production enterprise that has been assessed by the inspection and quarantine institution and obtained the qualification for marking

6. How can the user obtain the information of the wooden packaging manufacturer with the qualification of marking

the inspection and quarantine authority will publish the list of wooden packaging manufacturers that have obtained the qualification for marking

7. Is it necessary to apply to the inspection and quarantine authority for inspection if the wooden packaging with marks is used by the enterprise

the inspection and quarantine institution shall carry out random inspection and Quarantine on the wooden packages used for the exit goods. For the commodities in the catalogue of entry and exit commodities subject to inspection and quarantine by Entry-Exit Inspection and quarantine institutions (hereinafter referred to as the catalogue), the enterprises that use wooden packaging with marks shall indicate in the inspection application form when applying for inspection, and provide the certificate of qualified treatment for the wooden packaging of exit goods. During random inspection and quarantine, check whether the marks on the packaging are consistent with those indicated in the certificate of qualified; Spot check and quarantine shall be conducted at the port channel for the commodities in the illegally designated inspection and quarantine catalogue

8. Is it necessary to issue a plant quarantine certificate for the marked wooden packaging

if it is exported to a country or region adopting international standards, it is no longer necessary to issue a phytosanitary certificate. If the goods are exported to countries or regions that have not adopted international standards, the original provisions shall still apply. If the input country or region has special quarantine requirements, it shall be implemented according to the regulations of the input country or region and press the "pneumatic zero" key and "deformation zero" key before the experiment

9. How can a wood packaging manufacturer apply for the qualification of marking

the wooden packaging production enterprise shall apply to the inspection and quarantine authority, fill in the application form for the use of wooden packaging marks of outbound goods, and submit copies of the industrial and commercial business license and the approval certificate of relevant departments; There is no way to judge the plane test results of the plant area, including the plan of raw material warehouse (yard), production workshop, pest control and treatment site and finished product warehouse; Data of heat treatment/fumigation facilities and relevant technical and management personnel; Quality control system documents

the inspection and quarantine institution shall review the materials provided by the applicant, and assess the heat treatment/fumigation facilities, personnel and relevant quality management systems. If it meets the requirements, it shall be granted the qualification to use the logo

10. Under what circumstances should wooden packaging manufacturers apply labels

the production enterprise shall report to the local inspection and quarantine institution before the disinfection and disinfestation treatment, and the inspection and quarantine institution shall supervise the disinfection and disinfestation treatment process of wooden packaging. If the disinfection and disinfestation treatment is qualified, the inspection and quarantine institution shall supervise the marking

11. How do wooden packaging manufacturers apply labels

under the supervision of the inspection and quarantine institution, the identification shall be sprayed or burned on the prominent position of the wooden packaging materials, at least on the two opposite sides of each wooden packaging, and the color of the identification shall be black. Enterprises can add other information related to wood packaging

12. How to punish those who forge, alter or embezzle marks

mark is a specific mark registered by IPPC for the wooden packaging qualified for pest control treatment. China has applied to IPPC and approved to use it. It is an inspection and quarantine mark with legal effect. Whoever forges, alters or misappropriates marks shall be punished in accordance with the relevant provisions of the law of the people's Republic of China on entry and exit animal and plant quarantine and its implementing regulations

13. When will the measures for supervision and administration of exit wooden packaging quarantine be implemented

implemented since march1,2005

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