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"Selling products" and "selling packaging"

it is reported that developed countries have increased the inspection standards of packaging products from several or more items to dozens. China's export trade is facing increasingly serious "packaging" barriers. For example, fruit was once an important export commodity of China, but now some importing countries have raised their import standards and have strict requirements on packaging materials and packaging standards, from delivery, ordering It has become one of the major problems that China's packaging industry is difficult to solve

when it comes to product packaging, our product packaging is developing rapidly. It can be said that there are a wide range of products everywhere. There has been a qualitative leap from the former "first-class products, second-class packaging", but packaging is also a science. We must make real efforts, not only make breakthroughs in packaging varieties, but also ensure packaging quality, especially the packaging of export products. It is well known that product packaging is also a part of product quality, especially food products. The quality of packaging determines the quality of products. In recent years, many domestic enterprises attach great importance to product packaging, but most enterprises have a vague understanding of product packaging, except that a few enterprises have real research on packaging

for this reason, the operators of some enterprises have implemented the system of department 1 leader responsibility, and even believe that foreigners are concerned about product quality, which determines everything. The final result is that the quality loss of export commodities is not in the product quality, but in the packaging quality. Either the packaging quality is not strong enough to withstand long-distance transportation and repeated handling, resulting in fragmented packaging and damage to the internal quality of the product. In particular, once the food is contaminated, it becomes "waste"; Either the packaging contains pollution and toxic ingredients, which ultimately affect the product quality. The packaging with packaging quality problems is definitely unqualified product packaging; Either the patterns and text descriptions on the packaging do not meet the specific requirements and regulations of the importing country, and some packaging patterns and translations even insult the culture and traditional customs of the importing country. It is reported that in recent years, the packaging of some export enterprises in China has been repeatedly resisted by the importing countries due to different meanings of words and mistakes in translation. The reason is that some words are well understood in China, but they are considered insulting, defamatory or even hostile in the importing countries

it can be seen from the excellent functions and perfect service chain of these new materials that the development and research of packaging are far from enough. Due to the quality problems of commodity packaging, China loses 7billion US dollars every year. Such expensive losses and painful "tuition fees" should attract the attention of relevant national departments and export enterprises. Market economy is not only a kind of economy with a quality of 0.2 ~ 0.4 according to the general requirements, but also a kind of decoration economy. Paying attention to the packaging quality of products is by no means a trivial matter. It is a major issue related to the survival of enterprises and should not be taken lightly. As an enterprise, especially an export-oriented enterprise, we should focus on the quality of product packaging as a major event, constantly understand the new trends of packaging at home and abroad, study and explore new packaging materials, new processes and new technologies at home and abroad, and pay attention to collecting the new requirements for packaging in the international market, especially the technical inspection standards. The packaging standards for export commodities should also study and understand the requirements of importing countries for packaging, As well as the traditional cultural customs of the importing country and the taboos on some packaging patterns and words

all export enterprises should cultivate specialized packaging development and research talents, and "selling products" should "selling packaging", because with China's accession to the WTO, the exchanges among WTO member countries will be more frequent. Under the premise of the same quality, those goods with good internal quality and good product packaging will be more competitive in the market, and can win the love and favor of consumers

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