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Practice - 2009 experience sharing of metus water-based wood paint

practice - 2009 experience sharing of metus water-based wood paint

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[China coatings information] on May 27, the "Fourth China International Seminar on the development of water-based Wood Coatings" hosted by China coatings industry association was held for the third day, Raw material suppliers, coating enterprises and furniture enterprises from all over the country jointly discussed the technical research and development of water-based wood paint and the problems encountered in the actual promotion. Mr. Ren Dezhong, general manager of metus division, continued the theme of the previous seminar, shared the experience of metus in the promotion of water-based wood paint with various enterprises, and gave a speech on "practice - 2009 experience sharing of metus water-based wood paint"

Ren Dezhong, general manager, proposed that continuous innovation should be made in technology to improve the compatibility of products and construction tolerance. The compatibility of the product involves two aspects: water-based Wood sealing primer and water-based Wood rubbing agent. For example, the water-based Wood sealing primer of Metz can well solve the three existing problems, namely, paint surface blooming, wood expansion and plate oil; However, the water-based wood stain remover of metus has good environmental protection and can achieve the effect of oil paint stain remover. The construction of products can not be used to test the tensile properties of rubber. The tolerance will also affect the construction effect. The construction of water-based wood paint is greatly affected by the climate and environment. In order to maintain a good construction effect in different regions and seasons, the tolerance of water-based wood paint products must be improved

when talking about the marketing of Metz water-based wood paint, president Ren's speech with both sound and painting attracted everyone's interest. As an advocate of green home decoration, metus showed the participants the promotion of water-based wood paint held in Hefei, Zhengzhou, Wenzhou, Mengzi, Yunnan and Lanzhou in 2009. The chief engineer of metus' water-based wood paint made on-site explanations and personal demonstrations, led the participants to have the closest contact with water-based wood paint, and had a DIY experience of metus' water-based exquisite wood paint, The participants had a deep and detailed understanding of the advantages of water-based wood paint and achieved good response. Join forces to build a strategic alliance of the industrial chain; Take the lead step by step and promote the new trend of water-based paint. In 2009, in the implementation of the practice of promoting water-based wood paint into the home decoration stage, metus constantly summarized the promotion experience and improved the promotion mode, so that more and more consumers can understand, accept and recognize water-based wood paint, and let the forces of all walks of life work together to realize the new revolution of China's interior decoration from "harmful limit" to "truly harmless"

in addition, president Ren also shared his experience in four aspects of the promotion of metus water-based wood products in Changsha. First, training. Changsha metus has trained the salesmen, shopping guides and technicians on the basic knowledge and construction technology of waterborne wood paint, so that they can easily communicate with their owners, constructors, decoration companies and designers. The true stress s is calculated by dividing the instantaneous load at each point on the curve by the corresponding cross-sectional area of the sample, and the true strain ε Is the differential value D of the instantaneous specimen elongation ι And instantaneous sample length ι The integral of the ratio is obtained, that is, teachers and other relevant professionals can communicate effectively. Second, water-based wood lacquer cabinet and supporting advertising support. All stores comprehensively display and promote water-based wood paint, and put a large number of advertisements in the media at the same time. Metz water-based wood paint quickly opened the market in Changsha and made an unprecedented breakthrough. Third, water-based wood paint supporting publicity activities. Changsha metus creatively put forward the "health 1+1" product supporting promotion program, which has been unanimously recognized by consumers. Fourth, go all out to provide after-sales service. There are three parts of painting and seven parts of work, and professional technicians follow up and guide the site in time to assist the construction personnel to make perfect effects and make consumers recognize water-based wood paint

president Ren said that when people gradually realize the importance of healthy home decoration and prefer healthy home decoration materials, it is the common aspiration of the people. When a country attaches great importance to environmental protection, promotes low-carbon life, energy conservation and emission reduction, it is the general trend. Finally, he once again appealed to everyone to make joint efforts to promote water-based wood paint, which is not only a commitment to promote the development of the industry, but also a commitment to the society and users. Let's join hands to meet the spring of upgrading the water-based wood paint industry

yangyuande, Deputy Secretary General of China Coatings Industry Association, said in the summary of the fourth China International Waterborne Wood Coatings Development Seminar: "Metus showed the promotion of water-based Wood Coatings in five places, even in Lanzhou in the northwest, which showed us the hope of water-based Wood Coatings in home decoration. The development of water-based wood coatings is indeed like what today's enterprises say. It is the general trend of the times and the aspirations of the people. This is the general direction."

the seminar lasted four days. The upstream and downstream enterprises had in-depth exchanges on the technology and promotion of water-based wood paint. China paint industry association also initiated the establishment of "China water-based wood paint industry technology alliance", uniting everyone's strength, making consumers aware of the environmental protection of water-based wood paint, and jointly promoting water-based wood paint to enter the stage of home decoration

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