Best profit Huafu won the leading enterprise award

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Lide Huafu won the "leading enterprise award" of the Chinese Electrotechnical Society. On October, 2011, the 11th Annual Academic Conference of the national Electrotechnical energy conservation and the electrical energy conservation professional committee of the Chinese Electrotechnical Society and the Third Council of the fifth Shenzhen electrical energy conservation research association were held in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province. China's Electric Drive Technology University invited Professor chenboshi of Shanghai University, an average contact person with four foot seats, honorary chairman of China Electrotechnical Society, shenliechu, former Vice Minister of the Ministry of mechanical and electrical engineering, and zhouheliang, former director of the electrotechnical Bureau of the Ministry of mechanical engineering, to attend and speak at the annual academic meeting. The meeting summarized the successful experience of energy conservation and emission reduction and commended excellent enterprises in energy conservation and emission reduction. Lidehuafu won the title of leading enterprise of high-voltage inverter device

since its establishment, Lide Huafu has been committed to high-voltage and high-power frequency conversion and speed regulation automatic control products and solutions. For eight consecutive years, vanadium battery energy storage system has been put into operation in the early stage with the largest market share, and the domestic market share is nearly 30%. As of September, 2011, the sales performance of Lide Huafu has exceeded 6000 sets, with an annual power saving of about 8.679 billion kwh, an annual coal saving of 3.4717 million tons, an annual reduction of at least 11.458 million tons of exhaust gas to the atmosphere and 802000 tons of fly ash to the environment. Yang Jun, the winner of the award, said that it was not only the recognition of Lide Huafu's excellent achievements in energy conservation and emission reduction by compiling equipment operating procedures and original experimental records, but also encouraged the company to make greater contributions to the cause of energy conservation and emission reduction in China and even the world

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