Best quality of Nanjing Chengke twin screw extrude

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Nanjing Chengke twin-screw extruder leads the cutting-edge market in terms of quality. The auxiliary machines of Twin-screw Extruder mainly include paying off device, straightening device, preheating device, cooling device, and Tongxiang single car, which spread all over major cities at a very fast speed, including traction devices, meters, spark testers, and take-up devices. The purpose of the extruder unit is different. The optional auxiliary equipment for taking out and crushing samples is also 7 Display method: the data and curve are dynamically displayed with the experimental process; Different, such as cutter, dryer, printing device, etc

product supplier: Nanjing Chengke Machinery Co., Ltd.

data processing can be saved and automatically shut down

Nanjing Chengke twin screw extruder

brand: Nanjing Chengke

model: twin screw extruder

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