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Quality first, "XCMG" wrote the brand legend

since March, 2011, the construction machinery industry has been running at a low ebb for more than four years. Since this year, the sales of the main 8 types of construction machinery in China have fallen by 47%

XCMG has lived up to expectations. In the lifting machinery sector, mobile cranes continue to consolidate their global industry leading advantages. The market share of wheeled cranes and truck mounted cranes has exceeded 60%. Crawler cranes rank first in the domestic industry; Loaders in the shoveling machinery sector have entered the first group army in the industry; The mining machinery sector has been established independently for nearly five years, and its share in the Chinese market is equal to that of foreign brands, ranking among the top two in the Chinese industry; In the concrete machinery sector, XCMG brand and schweiying cooperate to stand firm among the top three in the global industry; The road machinery sector has accelerated the complete and integrated cultivation of construction and maintenance machinery, ranking among the top five in the global industry

"when the construction machinery industry is at its peak and at its worst, our customer turnover rate is the lowest. We should know that the customers in the construction machinery industry are the most realistic. When we mention XCMG, we should think of 'the products are reliable, the prices are reasonable, and the services are unmatched by other enterprises in the world,'" said Wang Min, chairman of XCMG group

acceleration of intelligent R & D navigation development

as a globally trusted engineering equipment solution service provider, reliable and durable product quality, customer moving service quality, excellence in staff quality and trustworthy enterprise quality are the first priority of the enterprise and the foundation of the brand

XCMG technology center is a national technology center, which has continuously ranked first in the construction machinery industry in the evaluation of national enterprise technology center, and has been awarded "China Technology Center Achievement Award" and "China technology innovation demonstration enterprise" by the Ministry of science and technology. XCMG Research Institute is the core component of the technology center. Since 2008, it has successively invested 1billion yuan in the construction of R & D platform, including more than 200million yuan in experimental equipment

in January, 2015, XCMG Research Institute promoted the new material industry to achieve new breakthroughs. Nine laboratories of the testing center passed the National Laboratory Accreditation and obtained the accreditation certificate issued by China National Accreditation Service for conformity assessment (CNAs). The scope of accreditation covers 146 testing items in 6 major fields, including construction machinery and related parts, automobile and related parts, hydraulic components, environmental testing, petroleum products and metal materials, which means that the testing reports of the experimental center will be recognized by more than 70 countries and regions

"this is called the intelligent 'chip' and innovation 'hub' of XCMG group. Guided by customer needs and practical engineering applications, every new technology, every new product and component, including hydraulic system, transmission system control system, structural parts, materials and oil products, must undergo a series of rigorous tests here to ensure the final quality, comfort and reliability of products." Said Zhaobin, President of XCMG Research Institute

here, many new products and technologies developed by the Institute of intelligence, lightweight, comfort, energy conservation and environmental protection have been shut down for inspection on March 10. For example, the sanitation sweeper independently developed by XCMG has doubled the cleaning efficiency, saved energy by 14% and reached the world advanced level of more than 98%. At present, XCMG is jointly developing the special oil for construction machinery with the lubricating oil company. Its service life will be increased to 4000 hours, greatly reducing the cost of users. It is expected that it will be put on the market by the end of this year

there is a devil in the details. It is the subtle improvements, breakthroughs and innovations that ensure the continuous reduction of users' operating costs and the continuous improvement of product performance and reliability

"XCMG's brand connotation is safety and reliability." Luchuan, vice president of XCMG machinery and general manager of the hoisting machinery business department, said that construction machinery, especially boom products, have particularly high requirements for reliability. Start with each welding wire and weld, and do every simple thing right. Products such as personality, quality is life, and quality is dignity. These have already been embedded in XCMG's product brands

global layout to create an international model

the international manufacturing capacity integrating global resources, highly intensive, flexible, intelligent and fully digital management, has provided XCMG with a strong manufacturing guarantee ability for quality shaping. As a benchmark enterprise of "integration of industrialization and industrialization" and an innovative pilot enterprise of "interconnection and industrial integration" awarded by the Ministry of industry and information technology, XCMG has successively implemented 14 group level information platforms in recent years, implemented disruptive changes in supply chain, R & D, manufacturing, marketing, service and other fields, realized the improvement of the quality and cost capability of the whole process, and formed a high-end manufacturing capability on the same platform as the most advanced benchmark enterprise in the world

as the largest construction machinery manufacturer and equipment solution provider in China, XCMG has the most comprehensive product line and complete sets of equipment in the industry. Its products cover 14 categories and 70 strains. Its industrial base gathers the most cutting-edge process technology and cutting-edge process equipment in the five fields of global lifting machinery, shoveling machinery, excavation machinery, concrete machinery and complete sets of road machinery, Always proud in the industry

XCMG also has advanced production bases in Germany, the United States, the Netherlands, Brazil, Austria and India, and has established a number of skd/ckd assembly plants in Poland, Iran, Uzbekistan and other places, forming a global layout in terms of R & D institutions, sales network and industrial base layout

depending on the strong brand strength, large-scale and the advantages of a full range of products, the reasons for its failure are as follows: XCMG has repeatedly won the bid for major projects at home and abroad, and won the largest export order of China's construction machinery in Venezuela so far. At present, it has tens of thousands of benchmark customers and successful construction cases all over the world. The main machines are exported to 173 countries. The total export volume and overseas income continue to rank first in the domestic industry. The market share of Brazil, Russia, Australia, Central Asia and the Middle East ranks first in the global industry

since last year, XCMG has entered the markets of the United States, Canada and Japan with the highest technical threshold, and has entered the mining and engineering construction equipment field where multinational companies have always maintained a monopoly position, becoming one of the world's four largest aggregate manufacturers in the cement industry and a supplier of BHP Billiton. The chairman of caterpillar, the world's No. 1 construction machinery brand, once warned, "among Chinese enterprises, we should pay special attention to XCMG and its development in large tonnage equipment."

in June last year, XCMG Brazil's phase I project, with a total investment of 200million US dollars, covering an area of 800000 square meters and an annual output of 7000 five types of hosts, was put into operation. It not only created the first international model, but also XCMG's first real overseas green space construction project. In order to achieve a very key "Philippine nano policy" in Brazil, the project almost copied all the production lines of China's whole manufacturing process to Brazil

during his visit to Brazil in May this year, Premier Li Keqiang visited the China equipment manufacturing industry exhibition held in Rio de Janeiro, and made a special trip to XCMG's booth to listen to XCMG's report on its investment and construction, production and sales, market construction and localization integration in Brazil. "Good, good, you have done a good job in Brazil. You must strive for more absorbent amino acid residues (– NH2, – COOH) in the molecular side chain!" Premier Li Keqiang said

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