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Application of GFRP in Canadian parking lots and bridges

according to the Canadian government, Canada will spend $74billion to repair and maintain concrete bridges and other concrete structures across the country. Recent research on repairing parking lots and bridges with glass fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP) has prompted the Canadian government to re-examine the role of this material in helping to prolong the life of concrete structures. Strengthening concrete with GFRP can prolong the service life of the structure to more than 100 years, while reinforced concrete needs overhaul after 25 years

in the past five years, several parking lots in Canada have collapsed, prompting the government to investigate new ways to strengthen the parking lot of hair dryer shell made of gold spray free material to prevent corrosion

at present, many parking lots in Canada are built of reinforced concrete. The problem of inviting experts from the National Advisory Committee on new materials to teach is that the antifreeze salt of the road rolled by cars is corrosive, which will lead to concrete cracking. Once the concrete cracks, the reinforcement will come into contact with salt and immediately begin to corrode, making the parking lot gradually unstable

Dr. benmokrane, a university professor who began to study the repair technology of parking lots in November 2008, said: "we hope to replace steel bars. For this reason, we must show engineers and users that FRP is a durable material." The development of materials and the improvement of manufacturing technology have pushed this material into civil engineering applications. Recently, the industry has completed the preparation of specifications and standards for FR composite materials with various properties, including static load, tension, compression, zigzag, tear, yield strength, etc., which has helped the certification and specification of this material

Dr. benmokrane said that hundreds of bridges are built or repaired in Canada every year. Due to the successful application of GFRP in parking lots, the number of bridge projects will soon increase to about four times

in September 2011, Dr. benmokrane helped complete the repair of a 29000 square meter multi-storey parking lot, which uses a two-way reinforced flat plate reinforced with pultruded GFRP. This is the first use of GFRP reinforcement in such a large amount in the world. This GFRP bar is named V-rod and is manufactured by Canada pultrall company

Dr. benmokrane said that in his view, the prospect is very good, but the product quality needs to be continuously improved

the attached figure shows a parking lot in Quebec, Canada, reinforced with V-rod tendons

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