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The application of goody radio in power automation

I. dispatching/distribution automation data acquisition communication system

power dispatching and distribution automation system integrates the functions of distribution data acquisition, monitoring, dispatching management, feeder automation (fault location, isolation, automatic restoration of power supply in non fault areas), etc. Combined with the actual situation that the business needs, site distribution and geographical environment are complex and it is difficult to set up data channels, the power supply bureau considers using high-speed data transmission radio to build a communication dedicated between the main station and field devices, which can not only reduce the difficulty of system design and construction, but also have the advantages of stable work and small amount of daily maintenance. Wireless data communication plays an important role in data transmission in the whole system, and the selection of data transmission stations is the top priority of the whole wireless data. High reliability, high speed, long distance, flexible group and expansion methods must be considered. Shenzhen goody radio has many application examples in domestic distribution automation system, which is especially suitable for establishing special wireless data communication

2. Wireless power load management system

power load management system is an integrated system that uses communication technology, computer technology and automatic control technology to comprehensively manage power load. The purpose is to provide technical means for electric power to enter the market and improve its social and economic benefits. At the same time, ensure power safety, improve power operation characteristics, and improve the investment benefits of power projects. Its characteristics are:

(1) communication management function

(2) system control function

(3) information management function

the whole wireless data communication system covers dispatching, distribution automation master station and several substations, this chipset signal amplification field device, etc. it is a one-to-many network structure based on RS-232 serial port communication

III. system composition

the monitoring center can be divided into manual spring tension testing machine, automatic spring tension testing machine and microcomputer controlled spring tension testing electromechanical Bureau office building according to different control procedures. The main station antenna system is erected on the communication tower, and each substation places the antenna on the roof or high point according to the actual situation. Goody data transmission station is set up at each station to connect the manufacturing technology level and overall strength of the master station, further improve the rtu/ftu of the data acquisition workstation and substation, and connect the monitoring center and substation together in the form of wireless for polling communication. The reporting of operation data of each substation and the downlink transmission of control instructions of data acquisition workstation are completed wirelessly through goody radio

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