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Application of GE Fanuc automation products in the textile industry

system overview

in order to meet the requirements of high automation, high efficiency, high reliability and high precision in the modern textile industry, programmable controllers, man-machine interfaces, and variable frequency drives have been widely used in the textile industry. The products of GE Fanuc automation company have been well used in the textile industry because of their rich functions, complete products, low cost and high performance. The following is the application of PLC, Cimplicity HMI and QuickPanel of GE Fanuc automation company in the post spinning part of Shandong Ruyi 20000 ton polyester production line

the whole production line system is composed of pre spinning part and post spinning part. After all, the detection of each experimental machine is actually different

the pre spinning part is mainly composed of melt conveying, spinning, winding and other parts. The melt conveying part includes the control of melt temperature, pressure, heat medium exchange temperature, pressure, melt booster pump, heat medium circulating pump and other equipment. This part is mostly controlled by DCS system due to system requirements

the equipment of the post spinning part includes bunching frame, wire guide machine, oil soaking tank, one-way drafting machine, water bath drafting tank, two-way drafting machine, steam heating box, tension heat setting machine, spray cooling device, three-way drafting machine, wire folding machine, three roll traction machine, tension frame, crimping machine heating box, crimping machine, auxiliary wire machine, oiling wheel, etc. The control includes the control of transmission, lubrication, temperature, pressure and fan oil pump of all equipment. This part is mostly controlled by PLC

system structure

this control system is composed of three parts: central controller part, field i/o part and man-machine interface part. According to the process requirements, the site is equipped with 8 field control stations, 40 button boxes and 1 digital alarm indicator box

control system

the central controller adopts Ge PLC, which is a member of the series 90 programmable controller family of GE Fanuc automation company. It provides the most advanced programming features, is easy to configure and install, and its CPU has powerful functions, such as built-in PID, the development history of aviation aluminum, structured programming, interrupt control, indirect addressing and various functional modules, which can complete complex operations

the field control station adopts VersaMax series remote i/o of GE Fanuc automation company. It is the only i/o module that can be used as the i/o module of more than 300 other main control equipment in wood plastic enterprises, so that it can form a PLC system alone, and can also be used as a product of distributed control system. It is truly plug and play, and i/o modules can be plugged in and out with power; Save wiring and low installation cost; High communication rate; High reliability

· network structure

the central controller is connected with the remote operation station and frequency converter by PROFIBUS field bus. The PLC rack is equipped with PROFIBUS master station module, and 9 inverters are connected through Profibus network, forming a high-speed, long-distance and high reliability industrial control network. In PROFIBUS communication, the PLC host polls the slave, and the slave responds to the query of the host and executes the glue lifting technology order independently developed by the host. In this system, the PLC reads the current and frequency from the frequency converter, and the communication transmits the transmission control parameters (such as start, stop, speed rise and fall, etc.) to the frequency converter

set a digital alarm indicator box on site. This equipment is also connected with PLC in the form of PROFIBUS bus bus, which can obtain alarm information from PLC in real time, display all kinds of alarms comprehensively, intuitively and conspicuously, guide workers to operate, and make fault handling more convenient

the extensive use of Fieldbus improves the reliability of the system and facilitates the engineering construction

· upper computer and on-site touch screen

the upper computer software is developed by Cimplicity HMI running on Microsoft Windows2000 platform of GE Fanuc automation company in the United States, and 10M Ethernet connection is used between it and PLC; The on-site touch screen adopts QuickPanel, which is connected to the central processing unit through PROFIBUS

system functions

through the upper computer in the operation control room and the touch screen set on the site, the system can complete the man-machine dialogue such as system operation, monitoring, setting, management, etc. The main functions include the whole system process and data display, centralized operation setting, alarm processing, real-time value and set value recording, trend storage, fault history and cause, operation status of each single machine and the comparison of real-time value and set value of various process parameters. The details are as follows:

· general view display: centralized display of all data of the system, operation status of equipment, switching status, which is helpful for operators to read meters, Make production records

· system structure diagram display: display the structure of the whole system in tree form

· process flow diagram display: provide beautiful system process flow diagram and dynamic display effect of production line flow operation

monitor the operation status of the system, and display the current, speed, draft ratio, start and stop status of the main drive equipment, as well as the low-speed time, high-speed time, low-speed start time, high-speed acceleration time, combined machine shutdown time, emergency shutdown time, and total draft ratio. On the screen, the system is also ready for startup (all lubricating pumps are started, and when the oil pressure meets the process requirements, the oil pressure switch is closed), and the single action and linkage status of the motor are monitored

· real time trend display: including the real-time trend graph of drafting ratio and the real-time trend graph of rotation speed, which is used to monitor whether the rotation speed of wire guide machine, one-step drafting machine, two-step drafting machine, three-step drafting machine, tension heat setting machine, wire stacking machine and crimping machine is synchronized and whether the actual drafting ratio meets the technical process requirements

· historical trend display: including the historical trend curve of speed, draft ratio, temperature, pressure and other detection points, which can record the historical data of the past 10 days. The operator can easily view the data of a certain time in the past. The historical curve can be flipped back and forth, enlarged, reduced, and the length of the graphic display can be changed. The change range is 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 8 hours, 16 hours, 24 hours, 30 hours

· PID operation: there are set value (SP), detection value (PV) and output value (OP) display on the screen, bar graph operation, manual and automatic free switching. At the same time, there are setting and trend buttons on it, which can call up PID P, I and D parameters and modify them. Combined with the real-time curve of the three, it is more convenient and fast to stabilize the control loop

· parameter setting: data set setting screen, including the setting of draft ratio and speed change ratio. Data setting must have certain permissions (administrator level), and general operators are not allowed to modify this table

· alarm operation: record the alarm time, alarm type, alarm level, alarm point name, alarm group number, alarm value, especially for analog alarm, there are many types, such as upper limit, upper limit, lower limit, lower limit, change rate, minimum deviation and maximum deviation, and the priority of alarm can reach 999, and the operator can confirm the alarm. The alarm list displays the historical alarm in the sequence before and after the occurrence

the system uses the temperature control module to control the temperature circuit of the unit; The temperature detection module is used to detect each temperature circuit of the unit and send it to the upper computer for display; PID control module is used to detect and control the analog loop of the unit, and i/o module is used to control the on-off of the unit switching value

implementation results

1 The whole production control system adopts the products of GE Fanuc automation company to ensure the continuity and high reliability of the system operation

2. In addition to the upper industrial control computer, the man-machine interface of the system can also increase the field operation interface (touch screen) on the site, providing a rich interface, which is convenient for decentralized control and centralized management

3. the programmable controller of the system adopts the distributed i/o structure of fieldbus, which saves a lot of field wiring and greatly reduces the maintenance workload of the system. (end)

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