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Application of FX0N in hard pack cigarette packaging machine

I Overview

the hard box cigarette packaging machine is a highly automated production machine composed of more than 10000 parts

since the early 1990s, our company has produced an electrical control system with Mitsubishi PLC (originally using fMR) as the core for the only manufacturer designated by the National Tobacco Machinery Corporation, realizing the localization of the whole machine control

in recent ten years, with the continuous improvement of production technology and the continuous change of cigarette market, in order to meet the needs of the development of market economy, host manufacturers have developed many new varieties and models while improving the performance of machines. In addition to the common 20 cigarettes packed in three layers (7, 6, 7 in the box), double ten flat boxes, double eight flat boxes, and high-speed models, etc. While the PLC control system flexibly adapts to these changes, it also applies new technology and new performance to the developed products. For example, the display system that reflects the production process is changed from the original single-chip microcomputer analog display panel to color CRT display, and then developed to the current man-machine interface multi-function display. The upper computer PLC and display are connected into an organic whole by using the communication function and advanced instructions of PLC. Therefore, the product is welcomed by users, especially operators, who should replace the combined seal ring or O-ring. Hundreds of such packaging machines work on the production lines of dozens of large, medium and small cigarette factories across the country

II System introduction

1. the control system is composed of PLC, frequency converter, man-machine interface, i/o interface and other parts

2. The main process requirements of the machine tool for the control system

1, the main motor starts smoothly, stepless speed regulation, and the running speed is packet/minute (about Hz)

inching speed Hz

2, torque increase at low speed, fast braking

3, the machine tool can run for a long time, and it is required to be safe and reliable

4, the oil filling motor of the machine tool lubrication system automatically fills oil for 5 seconds every 2 hours (the time is adjustable), and it can also be filled manually

5, the electric heating wires (2*360w) on both sides of the drying drum are heated at constant temperature, and the control accuracy is 50 ± 0.05 degrees

6, when a fault occurs, it should be able to display the name of the fault and the place where it occurred. 6. The end of the experiment

7. Unqualified products (cigarette packs) caused by various reasons should be accurately removed at the same designated station

8, the following situations should be distinguished for the treatment of unqualified cigarette packs and shutdown faults

① when 15 kinds of faults such as low oil level, clutch overload and smoke squeezing occur, the machine must be shut down immediately

② unqualified products caused by cigarette short ends, lack of filter nozzles and other faults will not be stopped, only audible and visual alarm signals will be sent, and they will be eliminated at the designated station

③ unqualified products caused by aluminum paper leakage, lining leakage and other faults need to be stopped immediately, but they can be jogged and removed at the designated station

3. Realization of control scheme

when the workshop workers stack 84mm long filter cigarettes in the cigarette warehouse and start the machine, the machine will produce hard boxes of cigarettes that are discharged according to a certain rule at the speed of

per minute, and then package the transparent paper and stick the golden pull wire. Although the production speed of the machine is very high and the process action requirements are complex, as long as we make full use of the characteristics of PLC itself and combine the production practice, we have developed a simple and thorough logic control scheme, which fully meets all the process requirements

35 switch input signals and 10 switch output signals are used in the system. In the program, 9 basic instructions, 10 function instructions (such as Inc, MOV, BMOV, CMP, sftl, add, etc.), 8 timers, 6 counters, 8 pointers, 28 data registers are applied, and the lifting memory (including power-off holding type) is also obtained, with a total of 1100 statements. The whole program not only realizes all the process requirements, but also adds many auxiliary functions, such as the statistical display of production time and downtime, the statistics of fault frequency, the statistics of finished product output and waste rejection quantity, the date and time display, the generation and print output of daily production shift output report, etc. In addition, the operator is allowed to modify part of the operation data by using the touch switch on the human-machine interface

due to the high reliability, strong anti-interference ability and modification ability of PLC, the on-line debugging and adjustment time of our control system is greatly shortened, and the on-site service is almost eliminated. General operators or maintenance electricians can be competent for debugging. Therefore, it has been widely praised by manufacturers

4. operation experience and experience

① ingenious application of shift pointer command sftl:

cigarette packs have 20 stations on the machine to complete a series of packaging processes, among which the fault monitoring sensors of seven unqualified cigarette packs are distributed on stations 1, 2, 4, 7, 11, 13 and 17 respectively. We designate M100 to m119 memory areas as shift registers. If they are directly produced with formulas from abroad, we can use synchronous pulses as shift trigger signals to realize that when any one or more nonconforming products occur at the same time in production, they can be sorted and eliminated in the same designated job. (see Figure 5 and 6 for program examples)

Figure 5: application of sftl instructions and pointers

Figure 6: excluding dynamic display

② in order to meet the counting function of finished product output, we designed a program with a maximum capacity of 100million packages. Based on the output of 120 bags per minute, two shifts of 16 hours per day and 30 days per month can accumulate the output for 2 years. This makes full use of the function of PLC data register. (see Figure 7 for the procedure)

III Use effect

in 1996, the unit was firmly determined by the National Tobacco Corporation and Tianjin Tianjin Economic Commission. Its conclusion was that "this product fills the domestic gap and belongs to the advanced level of similar products in the country". In the same year, it passed the IS09002 system certification

this series of products not only become the fist products of manufacturers, but also are used by the majority of (cigarette factories) due to the high profits and taxes of the tobacco industry

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