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Application of Heidenhain numerical control system in automobile mold manufacturing

Chinese philosopher LV Buwei said that "the difficulty lies not in its size but in its timing". The new challenges that itnc CNC system has experienced in the mold manufacturing pilot project of BMW Group in Munich, Germany, just illustrate this point

fast car - Pentium heart

excellent driving performance and beautiful car shape cannot but be exciting. The role of large molds is indispensable. The effectiveness of these molds, like their products, comes from their efficiency. That is to say, we must shorten the production time and reduce the production cost while improving the quality. This is the most prominent feature of mold manufacturing, which is directly related to value creation

pilot project to improve the efficiency of large-scale mold manufacturing

body panels need to be manufactured with high-precision molds, but the mold cost is high and it is a single piece production. The material is cut off more, the area is large, and the processing time of the carving surface is long. If considering the modular design characteristics of the mold and its complex structure, all its parts must be perfectly matched to make these problems more difficult

when determining ways to improve efficiency, all these complex factors must be considered:

excessive processing steps and processing time must be reduced. This is the reason why the working performance of NC numerical control system with multiple large machine tools working together must be excellent. High cost and time-consuming manual repair work must be avoided in the whole process. These requirements can only be met if the surface quality of the final product is good. In addition, the modular structure requires that the processed mold have stricter tolerances. Therefore, accuracy and surface quality are decisive factors

because these parts are only single pieces and the cost is high, any processing error and shutdown will greatly sacrifice the production efficiency! Therefore, the CNC software must be absolutely stable and the whole system must ensure the reliability of the process

after a lot of research, BMW Group mold manufacturers found a feasible combination technology: the new large-scale machine tool of droop + rein company can generate the flow size of the hydraulic cylinder to perfectly meet this requirement. They hope that this machine tool will be combined with the Heidenhain itnc530 NC numerical control system

in the face-to-face discussion between the decision-making levels of the two companies, the main requirements for strengthening the ability to deal with trade protectionism were quickly determined: the most important requirement is that the process is reliable. They know that process reliability is the guarantee of processing speed, surface quality and related performance. In addition, complex molds also need newer and more powerful CNC systems

other requirements for mold manufacturing

large mold manufacturing is very spectacular, not only because the workpiece, that is, now the mold size is huge. During processing, machine tool operators need to manually intervene in the processing process, which is very different from the situation familiar to many NC professionals, and requires extremely high operating technology. It is necessary to move the tool along the virtual axis, superimpose the feed motion with the handwheel (note that the part program is running) or use the superimposed origin translation to compensate the error. The operator of the machine tool needs to use the global parameter function to directly affect the part program and carry out the superposition movement, without modifying the program itself. This is a new requirement for itnc 530 - but it was achieved during the project. See "new functions of large mold manufacturing". "

although the processing is complex, the NC numerical control system must also be as simple and easy to use as possible. The ease of use of the Heidenhain numerical control system is widely praised in the industry, which is a positive factor in deciding to introduce the Heidenhain system.

new environment - constant quality

itnc 530 can highlight its unique characteristics when used in large molds. In the new environment, it is only larger in size. The NC program of the engraving surface generated by the cam system is very large, and it is expected to use a large number of them Short line segment. This is precisely to improve the understanding of the characteristics of the Heidenhain CNC system, which has powerful functions and good dynamic performance. The smooth and accelerated motion control converts the line segments into high-quality surfaces. Multi axis machining functions, such as tool center point management (TCPM) or three-dimensional tool compensation, are essential

in order to enable users to browse quickly in large programs, the programming operation mode of itnc 530 allows users to modify programs quickly and conveniently. The Ethernet interface of Heidenhain CNC system can read large programs at high speed

the cycledesign cycle programming mode of the Heidenhain CNC system is very useful, saving users a lot of time and standardizing processing operations. Users can even make the itnc 530 more suitable for its processing conditions to speed up and simplify daily work

the team worked together

during the project, there were two large machine tools of droop & rein company equipped with heidenhaitnc 530. One is fogs 2550 Pt M40 C-type machining center, and the other is t2550 Pt R50 C-type gantry machining center. Machine tool manufacturers believe that another important factor affecting the success of the project is that the CNC system must "fully meet the complexity requirements of the machine tool, but also meet the budget requirements". Assurance is also one aspect: "The CNC system must be safe, reliable and stable. It must have global support capabilities. At the beginning of the test, the Heidenhain itnc 530 immediately showed first-class quality in these aspects.

in order to equip the new CNC system, machine tool manufacturers need a lot of work: the R & D department and production department must be familiar with Heidenhain technology and reflect its characteristics in their products. Dr. hanrath, manager of the Technology Department of droop + rein factory, admitted that" the investment is huge. " But it's worth it. Through the cooperation with Heidenhain team, difficulties, challenges and problems have been overcome one by one. Dr. hanrath said, "of course, the first machine tool took us a lot of energy to familiarize ourselves with the system, but everything went well at the beginning of the second machine tool." Heidenhain also needs to adjust its NC system software: in addition to user functions (see "new functions of large mold manufacturing"), it needs to make some technical adjustments for large machine tool applications, such as complex and fully automatic automatic milling head change without restarting the NC system

a new model for efficient processing of large molds

the implementation results of the project are no surprise, because all project participants are very aware of the strength and precision of their products. Only the product portfolio is brand new. According to the plan, the two machine tools of droop + rein equipped with heidenham CNC system began to work together in the large mold department of BMW's production plant

records show that seamless cooperation has yielded fruitful results from the moment of starting work. The machine tool manufacturer confirmed that "after the NC machine tool is put into use, it immediately meets the requirements of first-class surface quality and high processing speed." A small amount of adjustment is inevitable during the test, and both droop + rein and heidenham complete it quickly

the project sponsor also said that the application of the new CNC system was very successful. From the beginning, the CNC system worked stably and reliably, meeting the stringent requirements of process safety and reliability. They said the whole project was "exceptionally smooth and worry free"

the advantage of the Heidenhain CNC system is also flexibility: the Heidenhain CNC system has been applied to machine tools of various specifications, and users of large machine tools who use the system for the first time do not need to relearn. Now machine tool operators have more flexible technology and do not have to deal with different CNC systems

the pilot project has become a model, indicating that automobile manufacturers are beginning to benefit from the improvement of large-scale mold manufacturing efficiency: in this project, process safety, processing speed, workpiece accuracy and surface quality have created new and higher standards

new functions of large mold manufacturing

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one of the special functions of large mold manufacturing is the new "global program setting" software option (applicable to "program running" and "MDI" operation modes): this function enables users to define a variety of coordinate transformations and set global effective functions and apply them to the current NC program. The program itself remains unchanged. For example, when the program stops running, you can adjust the global program settings. After the program is started, itnc moves to the new position according to the positioning requirements modified by the user. The itnc 530 also uses a handwheel to perform the superimposed movement of tool walking along the virtual axis. This function is particularly necessary for the processing of inclined surfaces, which is the daily task of mold processing in all automobile manufacturing industries

the following functions can be used in the global program setting:

paraxial handwheel superimposed movement

handwheel superimposed movement along the virtual axis

axis change

additional origin translation

superimposed mirror image

locking axis

the electronic handwheel with display enables the operator to get closer to the workpiece when the handwheel superimposed movement. Use the soft key to directly select the virtual axis (VT). At the same time, the hand wheel display shows the movement distance along the virtual axis. Since the middle of 2010, Heidenhain began to provide HR550 FS wireless handwheel. Large machine tool operators can access the workpiece more conveniently. Of course, there is no need to worry about the handwheel cable. The new mold manufacturing function is now available through the software option of itnc. These functions further expand the application of itnc 530 in medium-sized machine tools in mold manufacturing industry. (end)

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