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Application of GPRS in urban street lamp monitoring system

the monitoring of urban street lamps is of great significance to the construction of modern urban civilization. The use of GPRS network as a way of information exchange in the street lamp monitoring system has the advantages of signal stability, real-time, and cost, which will make GPRS widely promoted and applied in the street lamp monitoring. Urban street lighting system is an essential public facility in the city and a major symbol of modern urban civilization. Street lamp automatic measurement and control system is an advanced management method and means of street lamp lighting, which has a qualitative leap over the original clock controlled timing switch management

1. Current situation of urban street lamp monitoring system

street lamp measurement and control system has been widely used in urban construction in China, which is of great significance in saving energy, beautifying the city and facilitating management. At present, data transmission radio, BB machine, line, carrier and other transmission methods are widely used in the street lamp measurement and control system in China. Using the communication mode of traditional data transmission radio, not only the transmission tower needs to be built, but also the coverage is very limited, and its position is fixed. However, if the refrigeration system of the selected experimental box is very small and cannot be moved, and the investment cost is high, the wider the coverage, the higher the construction cost. With the continuous development of urban construction, it is possible to apply to the next generation of aircraft components. The higher the building is built, the communication between the transmission tower and the terminal will be hindered. Moreover, due to the influence of bad weather, other interference, and the difficulty of inspection, there are many disadvantages in the current street lamp monitoring system. With fewer and fewer paging communication users, the control mode of BB machine is also facing problems such as the dissolution of paging stations. There are also difficulties in laying lines and operating costs. Carrier communication requires a dedicated line for street lamp power supply, which is difficult to achieve in most cities

2. The application of GPRS in the street lamp monitoring system

the street lamp monitoring system is mainly composed of three parts, namely, the main station, the primary terminal and the secondary terminal

1) master station: it is composed of computer, server, large screen projection display equipment, special communication terminal, SIM card, street lamp intelligent measurement and control system software and printer

2) primary terminal: it is composed of industrial computer, single chip microcomputer for electric energy measurement, multi-channel control board, monitoring board, GPRS communication module, (if you want to control each lamp, you need to expand the power carrier module) and is connected with the monitoring end of street lamp control and monitoring cabinet

3) secondary terminal (optional): it is composed of single chip microcomputer, power carrier module (epcw) and input and output interface board, which is installed in each lamp. Realize single lamp on/off operation. Real time monitoring of each street lamp on and off, power load status, pole damage alarm, leakage alarm and other functions

2.2 working principle

in the street lamp measurement and control system, the street lamp control device, namely the sub control point, forms a two-level distributed computer measurement and control system with the main control room located in the street lamp management office. The sub control point is composed of high-performance single-chip microcomputer, sensor, interface, etc. it is a real-time control machine, which performs the on-off control of the street lamp, the detection of the parameters such as the current of each branch line of the street lamp, the measurement of the experimental data of the electric tension machine, the signal voltage and the line state, and can also act as a relay with the negative signal counterclockwise torque value in the wireless communication mode. The main control room is a system composed of high-performance microcomputer, communication interface and equipment, display, analog screen, printer, etc., which is generally called upper computer. The upper computer located in the main control room completes the data centralized processing of the whole system and the function of uniformly issuing commands to each sub control point

2.3 system function

1) remote control: the master station computer automatically controls the on/off state of street lights in the city according to the set longitude and latitude time curve, and can also manually control the on/off state of any primary and secondary terminals in the master station

2) telemetry: automatically patrol or randomly detect the lighting rate, voltage, current, power factor, active power, frequency and other working parameters of each terminal. During automatic operation, as long as the terminal changes, it will immediately transmit the changed data to the master station without patrol inspection of the master station

3) remote signaling: the acquisition of on/off status, fault and alarm information of each terminal to ensure the effective and normal operation of the system

2.4 system advantages

1) GPRS wireless communication mode

the street lamp measurement and control system adopts GPRS wireless communication mode. GPRS is based on 2.5G packet exchange data on China Mobile GSM, so it has good signal coverage. At present, the network has covered all provinces, municipalities directly under the central government and autonomous regions across the country, and the network covers more than 240 cities. GPRS can provide high-speed data services to the greatest extent, regardless of the downtown area or the remote and secluded areas, and is not affected by urban construction, weather and other interference

2) low investment cost

the group is simple, fast and flexible. It does not need to build a launch tower. It can build a dedicated virtual mobile data communication network covering the whole China at any time through the Internet network, saving investment costs

3) low operation cost

gprs charges according to the number of packets received and sent. If there is no data flow, it will not charge, reducing its operation cost

4) real time and stable data

combined with the eternal advantages of GPRS, it can automatically attach to the GPRS network as long as it is turned on, and establish a communication link with the data center to send and receive data from user data equipment at any time; According to the network situation of China Mobile, it can provide stable data transmission of 20~40kbps at present

5) multilevel control

the system realizes multilevel control of all night lights, midnight lights and road decorative lights respectively. ① the monitoring center automatically sends out group control switching commands according to the time curve of switching lights or the time of switching lights set by the program; ② Operators operate in the monitoring center to realize group control, partial group control and single point switch light control; ③ The sub control point switches the lights independently and regularly according to the preset time; ④ The monitoring center regularly sends the clock approval command to the sub control point, and the sub control point automatically switches the light according to the time after verification; ⑤ According to the actual needs (such as holidays, leaders' reception days, etc.), the system can flexibly set the lighting switching time in holidays

6) simple background operation and strong confidentiality

due to the remote connection, it is convenient to operate on any connected computer, dial the monitoring center with a line in the field, browse or operate the monitoring system, the number of connected computers is unlimited, and use public data Internet to query data and remote control anytime and anywhere. The network coverage is wide, the technology is mature, and the data transmission is stable and reliable, The monitoring center program provides multi-level operation password and automatic dynamic password protection, with strong confidentiality

3. Conclusion

the system uses the perfect GPRS network and the superior GPRS communication module as the information exchange between the master station and the terminal. It has the powerful monitoring functions of telemetry, remote control and remote signaling, and overcomes the disadvantages of the monitoring system of other communication methods

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