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The application of G200 GPRS module in power meter reading system

the way of knocking on the door to check the meter is a troublesome thing for the knocker landic: launching a variety of new high temperature resistant nylon products, or for the knocker. Now many residential users have used prepaid electric cards, eliminating the trouble of looking up tables, but for the power sector, data statistics and real-time monitoring are still a problem to be solved

I. scheme introduction except for the first-rate product

the power system data collected by civil electricity meters are transmitted to the centralized monitoring centers at the local, municipal and provincial levels in real time, so as to realize the unified monitoring and distributed management of power monitoring equipment. GPRS network can provide a simple and efficient communication mobile GPRS network system for power system

China mobile GPRS system can provide wide area wireless IP connection. Building a power remote meter reading system on the GPRS service platform of mobile communication company to realize the wireless data transmission of meter data has the advantages of making full use of the existing network, shortening the construction cycle and reducing the construction cost, and the equipment is easy to install and maintain. GPRS power remote meter reading system is composed of the distribution center located in the power bureau and the meter data acquisition point located in the residential area. Using the existing gprs/gsm network of China Mobile, the meter data is transmitted through the gprs/gsm network of China Mobile. All electricity meters in the residential area are first connected to the meter concentrator. The electricity consumption data of residential users is transmitted to the meter concentrator by the paying electricity meter through 485 this year. The meter concentrator is connected to the GPRS transparent data transmission terminal through the RS232 port. The meter data is sent to the GPRS data network of China Mobile after being encapsulated by the protocol, and the data is transmitted to the distribution data center through the GPRS data network, Realize the real-time connection between the meter data and the data center system

II. Advantages of the scheme

gprs wireless power remote meter reading system has the following characteristics:

(1) strong real-time:

due to the real-time characteristics of GPRS, the system has no time delay and can synchronously receive and process the data of multiple/all data collection points without polling. It can well meet the requirements of the system for real-time data acquisition and transmission

(2) remote control of electric meter equipment:

remote control of electric meter equipment, parameter adjustment, switch and other control operations can also be realized through GPRS bidirectional system

(3) low construction cost:

due to the use of GPRS wireless public platform, it is only necessary to install the equipment. When the viscosity of oil is too low, there is no need to carry out special wiring for remote meter reading, which has the advantages of less investment in the early stage, quick effect, and low upgrade and maintenance cost in the later stage

gprs covers a wide range, and can complete the control and management of centralized reading within the coverage of wireless gsm/gprs network. Moreover, there are no restrictions on capacity expansion and access locations, which can meet the access needs of mountains, towns and cross regions

(5) the transmission capacity of the system is large:

the distribution data center should maintain a real-time connection with each meter data acquisition point. Due to the large number of data acquisition points of electricity meters, the system is required to meet the needs of sudden data transmission, and GPRS technology can well meet the needs of sudden data transmission

(6) high data transmission rate:

each data transmission volume of each meter data acquisition point is within 10kbps. The GPRS network transmission rate can theoretically reach 171.2kbit/s. At present, the actual GPRS data transmission rate is about 40kbps, which can fully meet the data transmission rate (≥ 10kbps) requirements of the system

(7) low communication cost: the monthly billing method is adopted, and the operation cost is low

III. system construction

for the convenience of the following description, temporarily call the monitoring center as the main station, and each meter data acquisition point as the sub station. The sub station uses the g200gprs module provided by Beijing Jiemai communication equipment Co., Ltd. to connect with the instrument to form a meter reading point. The main station also uses a g200gprs module. The sub station G200 adopts transparent transmission implicit mode 1, and the main station g200gprs module adopts transparent transmission implicit mode 2. In this way, The communication network between the main station and the sub station has been formed

the specific system block diagram is as follows:

1. System composition

a. electricity meter data acquisition point:

electricity meter data acquisition point is located in the information center of the residential area. The electricity consumption data of residential users is first connected to the electricity meter concentrator located in the information center of the residential area through RS485 interface and twisted pair cable by the paying electricity meter, and then connected to the GPRS transparent data transmission terminal through RS232 interface. Through the GPRS transparent data transmission terminal, the embedded processor is built to process the data and send it to the GSM network after protocol encapsulation, and then it is transmitted to the power remote meter reading system in the data center of the power company through the GPRS network, so as to realize the real-time connection between the meter data and the data center system

the meter concentrator is directly connected to the meter through RS485 interface, which can support either a single meter or multiple meters at the same time, so as to realize the acquisition, storage, preprocessing of meter parameters or transmit the collected meter data to the distribution center in real time; At the same time, the meter concentrator can also transmit the remote control command sent by the distribution center to the meter control module to control the meter

b, monitoring center:

the monitoring center is also the above-mentioned master station. The master station adopts g200gprs module to receive the dial information collected on site and transmit the relevant information to the computer through serial port. The host can carry out business management and billing management, verify, calculate, store, analyze and manage power data, alarm abnormal conditions, and monitor users' use in real time to ensure the legitimate income of the power bureau

c, gprs/gsm mobile data transmission network:

the data collected by the meter concentrator is decoded and processed by the GSM network air interface function module at the same time, converted into the format of public data transmission, transmitted through the GPRS wireless data network of China Mobile, and finally transmitted to the G200 module of the master station

2. System scheme

each electricity meter uses GPRS transparent data transmission terminal to connect with the master station through mobile GPRS network

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