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The application of gravure printing testing machine in the formulation design of gravure printing ink

1 the significance of gravure printing testing machine

gravure printing ink volatilizes rapidly, and the measurement of ink transfer is very difficult. It is not easy to find the analytical relationship between the amount of ink on the plate and the amount of ink transfer. Therefore, the research on the transfer mechanism of gravure printing ink is still in the status of qualitative analysis. At present, the performance test of gravure printing ink is mainly composed of wire rods or simple testing machines and proofing machines. The existing wire rods, testing machines and proofing machines can only reflect some properties of printing ink, such as hue, gloss, wear resistance, adhesion, residual solvents, etc., but can not truly reflect the ink transfer of gravure printing ink. After thoroughly analyzing the gravure printing mechanism and the transfer principle of gravure printing ink, and referring to the structure of gravure printing machines at home and abroad, we have developed a gravure printing testing machine. Practice has proved that this testing machine can accurately and quickly reflect the ideas of ink formula designers and the properties of other printing materials, save time, labor and consumption, and provide a strong guarantee for obtaining high-quality and high-tech gravure printing products

2 principle of gravure printing testing machine

the text image of gravure printing is entered into the layout. That is to say, the blank parts of the edition are all on the same plane (layout), while the graphic and graphic parts are located below the blank parts, and they enter the layout with different depths to show the intensity level of the original image. Such a printing plate is called gravure. The printing of copying images with plates is called gravure printing

the dark tone level on the original is in the corresponding printing part on the plate, and its low depth is large; On the contrary, the brightest layer on the original is the part printed on the plate, and its low depth is shallow. Therefore, the printing part of the plate shows the depth of the printed image according to the depth of the ink contained in it

in the printing process of intaglio, the ink is not coated on the printed image part like relief and lithography, but on the performance of the whole printing plate, that is, the graphic part and blank part are inked. In order to achieve the purpose of printing, in the process of printing, use an ink scraper to scrape the excess ink from the blank part and the graphic part. Then, under the action of large pressure, the ink of the next printing part is transferred to the substrate by capillary suction. If the printing part is deep, the amount of ink filled will be more, and the ink layer transferred to the substrate by stamping will be thick; On the contrary, the ink layer is thin

3 application scope of gravure printing testing machine

this testing machine is applicable to the inspection of printing adaptability and printing effect of printing materials (gravure printing ink, paper, plastic), and can be used by printing ink manufacturers, substrate manufacturers, gravure manufacturers, etc. to inspect various printing materials and printing effects

4 parameters of gravure printing testing machine:

project parameters

printing speed 0 - 150m/min

printing pressure 8 - 10Pa

the size diameter of the embossing roller is 120mm, the length is 300mm

the size diameter of the printing plate is 130mm, the length is 300mm

the volume of the ink tank is 3 liters

motor parameters 380V, 750W

printing plate parameters testable ink and substrate

the number of lines (l/cm) plate depth( μ m)

80 47 alcohol soluble ink, white cardboard, coated paper

70 60 metal ink, white cardboard, coated paper

100 40 alcohol soluble ink, glass cardboard

70 39 water-based ink, white cardboard, coated paper

70 50 plastic ink, various plastics

5 use method of gravure printing testing machine

5, 1 gravure printing testing machine operation steps

(1) cleaning version roller, Use a cotton cloth dipped in a certain amount of slow dry solvent to repeatedly scrub the surface of the drum

(2) polish and clean the doctor blade, polish the doctor blade with sandpaper and a small amount of engine oil, and clean it with solvent

(3) clean the ink tank and pour the ink with adjusted viscosity into the ink tank

(4) adjust the embossing pressure and position the plate roller

(5) put down the doctor blade and adjust the appropriate angle and pressure of the doctor blade

(6) put the substrate material on the paper feed rack

(7) start the proofing machine and adjust it to the required speed, which is generally about 300 rpm

(8) push the paper feeder down

(9) remove the substrate and check the quality

(10) wipe off the remaining ink on the master roll and the doctor blade, and thoroughly clean the master roll

5. 2 precautions during the operation of gravure ink testing machine

(1) the version roller should be thoroughly cleaned after each color is finished, otherwise, the residual ink will solidify in the hole, block the hole, and cause the ink transfer rate to decrease

according to the printing requirements, the printing material is printed, and the appropriate printing plate parameters are selected for proofing

6 first of all, the strength of metal is very high. The application of gravure printing testing machine

gravure printing ink is generally composed of four main parts: pigment, resin, solvent and additives, and the proportion of each part is determined through experiments. Excellent gravure ink formula has excellent post press properties, such as gloss, brightness, wear resistance, point reproducibility, good film-forming property, leveling property, re solubility, overprinting property, suitable initial dryness and thorough dryness, low residual solvents, etc. these properties are based on excellent ink transfer performance, and the ink also meets the requirements of modern high-speed gravure printing machines

the design of gravure ink formula is mainly based on the ink manufacturing theory, through the rich practical experience of ink engineers, plus some inspection and operation equipment, such as testing viscosity, hue, gloss, wear resistance, etc., and then go to the gravure printing factory to test the transfer performance of the ink to determine whether the gravure printing ink is applicable, and the process cycle is long, the waste is large, and the formula risk is high. If the formula is not applicable, Then come again. In this way, not only waste is large, the cycle is long, and even business opportunities may be lost. If the gravure printing tester is used as the formula test tool in this process, the proofing cycle can be greatly shortened and the consumption of proofing ink and other materials can be reduced by using the precision oil pump unit and precision overflow valve of the hydraulic system. And can take out qualified ink products in a short time. Theoretically, the structural parameters of the gravure printing testing machine are basically the same as those of the current unit gravure printing machine. The structural parameters include: the circumference of the printing plate roller, the number and depth of printing lines, the circumference and hardness of the embossing rubber roller, the angle and pressure of the doctor blade, the pressure during the embossing of the rubber roller, and the linear speed of the embossing point of the printing plate. From the perspective of the ink transfer principle of gravure printing, These parameters basically determine the quality of gravure printing products (this testing machine uses a single sheet of paper feeding without printing tension, but the printing tension only affects the overprint accuracy, not the printing effect). In practice, our company has achieved the same printing effect (including printing hue, leveling, gloss, wear resistance, antibacterial fabric residual solvent, etc.) through the application of very successful gravure printing ink on gravure printing machines such as boster and under the same conditions on gravure printing ink testing machines. In addition, by adjusting the ink formula, the balance of the ink formula is artificially broken (by adding silicone that can make the ink shrink, at this time, scraping the ink with a silk stick can not see the "black spots" on the ink surface on the paper, but through the gravure printing tester test, you can see the obvious "black spots", which is the reason for the shrinkage). When the formula is used on the gravure printing testing machine, the printing effect is the result of breaking the balance of the ink formula

through the above comparative analysis, the results of gravure printing testing machine are reliable and accurate, which can provide accurate information for the formulation design of printing ink, the inspection of substrate and printing plate, and the preview of printing effect

generally speaking, the ink supplier will not change the amount of each component in the formula, the variety of raw materials used and the production and manufacturing process when testing the ink formula on the gravure printing machine of the gravure printing manufacturer. Otherwise, the risk of production and supply to the ink manufacturer is very high. Theoretically, there is the possibility that the inclined block on the swing arm should not be violently impacted to optimize the ink formula. Due to the lack of application data of the upper gravure printing machine test, Therefore, we dare not optimize. If we use gravure printing testing machine, we can optimize the formula system, optimize the composition of formula cost, and meet the requirements of gravure manufacturers for personalized services. Sometimes, gravure printing manufacturers will have some special requirements for prints, and at this time, the formula of gravure printing ink should also be changed accordingly. At this time, if gravure printing testing machine is used as the formula design tool, it can be done at one touch, which saves time and effort. In addition, the use of gravure printing testing machine also plays a key role in the hue control between batches of spot color inks produced by gravure ink manufacturers, which can make the hue stability reach a fairly good level

with the development of society, gravure printing inks are also making continuous progress, and many problems such as environmental protection, conservation, resources, energy and so on are emerging. The use of gravure printing testing machine can give priority to the development of new products to meet the new requirements of modern gravure printing. For example, alcohol soluble gravure printing ink, water-based gravure printing ink and UV gravure printing ink can be developed by using gravure printing testing machine, and practical information such as printing plate conditions, printing machine speed and ink formula parameters can be obtained

7 application summary of gravure printing testing machine

gravure printing testing machine can provide accurate and reasonable formula data for ink manufacturers to adjust formula and design formula (experimental sand mill can make 2kg ink)

gravure printing testing machine can provide samples for ink manufacturers to test ink performance (such as residual solvent content, gloss, wear resistance, various resistance, etc.)

gravure printing testing machine can effectively control the color difference between batches when ink manufacturers produce spot color inks

gravure printing testing machine can accurately and quickly reflect the performance of raw materials in ink when developing and producing raw materials for ink raw material manufacturers

gravure printing testing machine can provide gravure manufacturers with coordinated and unified data among substrate, printing ink, printing plate, etc. before printing, and can provide basis for gravure manufacturers to select substrate, printing ink and printing plate parameters accurately and quickly

gravure printing testing machine can provide an effective experimental tool for the theoretical research of gravure printing

to sum up, gravure printing testing machine builds a bridge between printing materials (gravure ink, substrate) and printing practice. With this bridge, we can make the printing materials and the actual printing process simple, convenient, fast and effective communication


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