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The domestic phthalic anhydride market analysis in October and the market forecast in November

in October, the domestic phthalic anhydride market weakened under the influence of the decline of upstream orthobenzene. Downstream buying retreated, transactions weakened, and manufacturers and market sales were blocked. After the national day, the eastern China market was discussed at the beginning of the month at 10600 yuan/t, and the manufacturer's shipment was 10500 yuan/t. There were 10 large plastic markets. In the middle and early ten days of the year, domestic o-benzene decreased by 500 yuan/t, and domestic phthalic anhydride manufacturers successively decreased by nearly 500 yuan/t. At present, the Changzhou market is discussed at 10200 yuan/t. In the process of decline, the always weak downstream procurement has been suppressed. At present, DOP plants, the main users of phthalic anhydride, are under construction due to weak demand, some units are shut down, and resin enterprises are under construction. Domestic phthalic anhydride production capacity is limited, imports are relatively small, the level of supply and demand is balanced, and the market is mainly affected by upstream and downstream

trend characteristics

1 The upstream adjacent benzene supply is abundant, and the market is deadlocked

domestic adjacent benzene manufacturers started work normally in October. This year, there are many imports of orthobenzene. As of August, the customs counted the precautions for the use of 385000 durometers, 120000 tons higher than the same period last year. The ortho benzene market has expanded from a relatively small market situation to other areas of processing and production. It began to decline before the national day. So far, it should be installed with new gaskets attached to the experimental machine, which will exert great downward pressure on the phthalic anhydride market

p the resin market is weak

this year, the DOP market has been at a high level for a long time, the downstream digestion capacity is low, and the demand is declining. From August to October, there is a market of decline instead of rise in the peak season. Before the National Day holiday, due to the failure to prepare goods as scheduled, it was forced to reduce the price. At present, the sales problem is still serious. Most factories are operating at a low level, and some factories are overhauling. Due to the high cost of raw materials, the resin profit is low and the operation is medium

3. The supply of phthalic anhydride is low

this year, due to the high external market of phthalic anhydride, the domestic market fell, the inversion was serious, and the import goods were restrained. At present, the import statistical quantity is 50000 tons, a decrease of 50000 tons compared with the same period last year. Therefore, the domestic supply has not been high. Only because the downstream demand has also declined, the market has not been tense. The specific trend depends on the changes in the upstream and downstream

aftermarket analysis

the phthalic anhydride market in the middle and early October fell mainly due to the decline in the raw material market, and the weakness of downstream demand increased the downward pressure. At present, phthalic anhydride in East China is basically approaching the 10000 yuan/t mark. At present, there is still a great downward trend in raw materials, at least not rebound in the short term, while demand will not improve in the short term. It is expected that the decline of raw materials will weaken in November, and the decline of phthalic anhydride market will gradually weaken, which may be appropriately stabilized at a lower price

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