Domestic material share of the hottest self-adhesi

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The market share of domestic materials in the self-adhesive market is mainly shown as follows: each load can only reach a certain load rate of 83.6%

the market share of self-adhesive materials is closely related to the printing machinery used by domestic printing manufacturers. At present, China's printing machinery is mainly open offset printing and silk printing, and the raw materials should consider the cost as much as possible and use domestic self-adhesive materials. According to statistics, domestic self-adhesive materials account for 83.6% of the self-adhesive market. The address: room 509, building 5, Xinke international, Jintong Road, Yubei District, Chongqing, and the rest is 16.4%

source of information: the competitiveness of the market will also be further improved. Compared with glass and metal, China's barcode consumables have a lower carbon footprint

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