7 preparations before the hottest wall painting

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Seven preparations before painting the wall

wall decoration is an important part of house decoration, which should not only be beautiful, but also practical. If you want to decorate the wall and promote the employment of 100000 people, you can't ignore the preparatory work before painting. Although the preparatory work is quite time-consuming, why not get a really satisfactory effect? In fact, the time spent on preparation before painting the wall is more important than the time really spent on paint painting. Now Jiuzheng building materials will introduce the seven preparations before painting the wall

1. The first step is drying. The materials used in building walls are usually "water wet" materials, because they are mixed with water, and the water content is quite high. Excessive moisture will affect the adhesion of most coatings, causing blistering, cracking, and promoting the breeding of bacteria. Therefore, it is very important to try to dry the wall before painting. If the wall cannot be completely dry, waterproof primer can be used for preparation before brushing

2. The second step is to remove the "water wetness" of salt flower. Building materials usually contain salt and alkali. During the drying process of the structure, the salt in the material will seep out with moisture and accumulate on the surface. At this time, you can use a wet rag to wipe or hard brush to remove it. The work should be repeated for several days until there are no more salt flowers on the wall within 48 hours. If the time is tight and it is impossible to remove the salt and alkali, the alkali resistant sealing primer can be used as the base treatment to ensure that the surface coating is old and new

3. The third step is to clean the base course. Remove the splashed cement particles and any loose and broken attachments. If there is floating dust or damage, sweep the floating dust and repair the damaged part, and wait for it to dry. For the painted old wall, if there is blistering, cracking or peeling, it needs to be completely scraped off

4. Step 4 approve the wall. In order to obtain the best brushing effect, after cleaning the base course, the project focuses on the research, development and implementation of new sustainable raw material wall powder to scrape the whole wall, and grind it flat after drying. Be careful. Repeat this process twoorthree times until the wall is flat and smooth

5. Step 5 apply primer. Brush a layer of waterproof primer or alkali resistant sealing primer on the leveled wall after scraping, which can enhance the durability of the coating

6. Step 6: make special effects. Sometimes, in order to create some artistic effect on the wall, such as the TV wall, special construction tools are used to roll the coating thickness on the wall with different construction techniques, and the mechanical properties are also different, creating bright decorative textures. Such as orange peel pattern, sand wall pattern, relief pattern, etc. (if no special effect is required, this step can be saved, because the parts of 1 Dan electronic universal testing machine are designed and finalized according to stress)

7. Step 7 apply surface coating. After a series of basic work, the last step is finally reached. At this time, you can choose your favorite colors to decorate your new house

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