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Domestic distribution of high-strength bolt fastener industry

low end high-strength bolt fasteners are mainly represented by Wenzhou region (now it has given way to Yongnian region of Hebei Province). The products are priced by ton and packed in gunny bags. The market sales are very large, and the number of employees and manufacturers is also the largest. They don't pay attention to quality, market image and brand structure; Just consider the low price and eat fresh food all over the world. The gross profit of fasteners in the low-end market is between 10% and 30%

the high-end fields are mainly some large supporting manufacturers and multinational giant manufacturers, which are basically brand suppliers of multinational companies. Their main customers are large-scale terminal suppliers and high-end wholesale. Because their customers have very high requirements for quality and service, the threshold for supplier selection is also very high, and there are few suppliers or brand products to choose from, forming a certain monopoly advantage and generating high profits

regional distribution center of China's high-strength bolt fasteners:

1. Wenzhou: Wenzhou people like to win with price, packed in gunny bags, and the price in the city is the lowest. However, with the rise of land price in Wenzhou and the increase of various costs such as materials and manpower, the consciousness of many Wenzhou screw factory owners has changed, and the quality of screws has improved

2. Jiaxing Haiyan: Haiyan is a major fastener County, with an annual fastener output value of more than 10 billion. They have done a great job in prolonging the time of non-standard screws, which is conducive to the dispersion of PCB enterprises in large PCB factories and the serious homogenization of products. Find non-standard, go to Haiyan. Their prices are also very cheap. It is worth mentioning that Jiaxing Jiashan has two very large fastener manufacturers, both of which are Taiwan funded enterprises; That is Dongming and Jinyi. Dongming is the largest manufacturer of stainless steel fasteners in the mainland; Jinyi is the largest manufacturer of carbon steel fasteners in the mainland, and it is also a fastener enterprise listed in the mainland

3. Yongnian, Hebei: Yongnian, which was Wenzhou in those days, mainly produced carbon steel screws. The production of fasteners is very large. Many companies only make screws of one specification, and put them in stock during the slack season (because they are all night products, as long as the price is low, no one wants them); Do farm work when you are busy. In this way, large-scale production has been achieved, with a large number of single specifications, and the heat treatment and electroplating have become large-scale production, thus ensuring the low cost. Therefore, Wenzhou people had to give up the bottom to Yongnian; Of course, some Wenzhou bosses directly moved the factory to Yongnian

with the increase of Yongnian's costs in all aspects or due to the purity of water supply quality, the low-end screws will not last long in Yongnian; Later, it will be gradually transferred to Vietnam, India and other countries

4. Dongguan, Guangdong: the light industry of electronics and electrical appliances in Guangdong is developed, and the demand for screws is not large, but the quantity is large. Therefore, the output value of Guangdong fastener factory is more than 100 million, because they basically serve oneortwo major customers, such as Foxconn, Gree air conditioner, Galanz, etc; Therefore, although the output value is large, the popularity is not large. At the same time, since the British ruled Hong Kong for 100 years, Hong Kong funded enterprises adopt British Standards; In the early stage of reform and opening up, the Pearl River Delta was greatly affected by Hong Kong funded enterprises, so there were many British screws in the Pearl River Delta

5. Ningbo: Ningbo does a lot of foreign trade, and the overall quality of screws is good. They are expert and excellent in screw

6. Jiangsu Xinghua: the concentration of stainless steel fasteners, but the grade is relatively low; Because there are many stainless steel plants here, recycling waste to make steel; So some low-end stainless steel materials have been mass produced here. Therefore, a large number of non authentic stainless steel products such as 201 and 667 also flow from here to all directions due to low prices

7, Suzhou, Jiangsu: mainly electronic small screws, precision electronic screws, turning products are very developed. This is mainly because the communication electronics industry in Suzhou is very developed. At the same time, due to the concentration of foreign-funded enterprises in Suzhou, the quality requirements for fasteners are also relatively high, resulting in the relatively guaranteed quality of small screws in Suzhou

from the above figure, we can see that if the price per ton of fasteners in China is base 1, then Taiwan and South Korea are 2, Japan and Germany are 4, and the United States is 8

this is due to the technical innovation and brand of high-strength bolt fasteners. At present, Chinese Mainland is the largest fastener production place in the world, and the absolute tonnage of fastener production ranks first. At the same time, due to the rapid increase in labor costs, the domestic machinery manufacturing industry has been forced to upgrade its structure, and the quality of fasteners has to break through to higher quality. Therefore, the low price of fasteners in the world will gradually give way to regions with cheaper human resources, such as Southeast Asia, India and the completion of a fence type aluminum lead alloy composite anode plate semi-automatic production line at home and abroad

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