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LDPE domestic market dynamics at the beginning of the week

in the domestic high-pressure polyethylene market, which has been rising for three months, prices in some regions began to fall at the beginning of this week, downstream enterprises' purchase interest was not strong, and domestic enterprises and middlemen's shipments slowed down. Looking back at the early stage, the off-season adjustment feature is very obvious, and the prices in some regions have reached the 8000 yuan/ton mark, especially driven by the sharp price hikes of domestic production enterprises, the high-pressure market prices in various regions have experienced a strong rise. According to the analysis, the big factor of the previous sharp rise in the market was the fact that the United States used force against Iraq, domestic traders and downstream users actively entered the market to hype, coupled with the high-pressure import quotation in the international market, which also led to the hot atmosphere in the market

however, based on the market observation at the beginning of this week, the domestic high-pressure polyethylene market has begun to cool down, and the market price has fallen slightly. At the same time, the domestic linear high-pressure polyethylene market price has also weakened, from 7400 yuan/ton to yuan/ton. Due to poor sales, Tianjin Lianhe lowered the factory price of LLDPE by 50 yuan/ton to 7250 yuan/ton. In this case, the aftermarket mentality of high-pressure polyethylene market dealers began to fluctuate, and there were shipments in succession, and the shipment prices were chaotic

in terms of the external price of China's main port, a Korean supplier mentioned that the quotation of high-pressure polyethylene delivered by China has now reached $750 CFR China's high industry insiders said, while the domestic buyer emphasized that the bid level is to calculate the tensile energy absorption of $00 CFR China. The above price differences made most traders leave the market to wait and see, which is the main reason why the foam did not dare to take a lot of goods, Worry about future market oscillations to avoid getting caught

on the whole, the price rise momentum of domestic high-pressure polyethylene market, which has increased too much after the Spring Festival, has slowed down. Due to the decline of linear market prices, some middlemen have hit their confidence in the future market, thinking that the market has no room to rise and began to ship. Another part of traders expect that the market will show a high-level consolidation state after the reduction, and the post market still has the opportunity to rebound, It is expected that the domestic high-voltage market will be stable in the near future

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