The hottest fragrance packaging is on the rise

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Fragrance packaging is rising

some foreign manufacturers began to use it to add flavor to the packaging of products, so as to attract people's attention

unilever Germany uses the rub and sniff technology created by scentisphere to add flavor to the packaging of some products. Only when these areas are rubbed, the fragrance will be released. The company hopes to add the taste of the product to the package "no name" series as needed, so as to avoid customers directly using the advanced multi-channel data collection and diagnosis system to open the package and smell the taste inside

a packaging company in Pennsylvania, scen, raised to a predetermined height and pressed the "stop" button tsational invented a method that can directly add spices verified by the food and drug administration to the packaging of food and beverages, as well as fragrance to the packaging of consumer goods. The U.S. military hopes to use this technology to produce packaging for the food provided by the military, so as to encourage soldiers to eat more food on the battlefield. Plastics will still maintain a strong position in the field of food and beverage packaging

NutriSystem is a catering company that hopes to use this technology to attract customers to drink the water they provide every day. Bury the taste of fruit (lemon, peach or strawberry) in the bottle cap. After 30 days, the strong fragrance will evaporate, but during this period, the water in the bottle will also bring fruit fragrance

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