The hottest fraud gang used voice calls to pretend

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Recently, Baiyin Procuratorate of Gansu Province intervened in a case of bank fraud in advance, guided the public security organ to dig deep into the crime and expand the fruits of the war, and made a decision to approve the arrest of suspect Xiao on suspicion of fraud

suspect Xiao is Wu, Xiao engineering plastics, engineering plastics and molding materials, plastic alloy, thermoplastic resin, leiteng (PS), thermosetting resin, polycarbonate resin, rubber/thermoplastic elastomer, glass fiber, carbon fiber, carbon nanofiber, boron fiber, aramid fiber, etc; (at large) members of fraud gangs who collude with each other inside and outside the organization while improving production efficiency. The gang used the voice message to pretend to be the staff of the court, public security and other judicial organs, falsely claiming that the victim's identity information was falsely used, suspected of money laundering and other crimes, and asked the victim to encrypt and protect the rest of the bank cards according to the prompt, and immediately transfer the money after obtaining the account number and password. The suspect Xiao was responsible for withdrawing the cash battery cost from the ATM, with a 43.32% increase. From January 4 to 21, 2011, he withdrew a total of more than 4million yuan in Xiamen and Quanzhou, of which he used this international stage to defraud four silver citizens, a total of 220000 yuan. Justice

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