The hottest fragrant honey wire depicts a picture

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"Fragrant honey" wire depicts an empty scene of a prosperous age to the audience in unrestrained language.

at first, I saw the name of the play - "fragrant honey sinks like frost". I thought it was a TV series sweet enough to overflow honey. After all, I haven't seen the original work! I think most of the domestic TV dramas are for the sake of abuse. They shoot heart tearing high-precision 7-speed experiments in order to earn the tears of the audience; The desktop model cracked its lungs and cut it breathtaking in order to win a high audience rating. I don't like such a play. No matter how good the actors are, no matter how ups and downs the plot is, it can't attract my attention, because I can sum up four words: nothing

I think that in addition to the distinctive and neat personality characteristics of the protagonist and supporting actor, the plot is coherent and unobstructed, not muddy, and the logic is rigorous and transparent. There is no giant hole that can't fill the brain hole and fill the dissatisfaction. From the emergence of Jinmi's life experience to the killing of the Phoenix by Jinmi, to the rescue of the Phoenix by spitting meteor pills by Jinmi, and finally to the end, it is a flowing cloud and flowing water, naturally carved. Although Weibo has been making a lot of noise because of the script flooding a while ago, I'm still sure of the author's writing skills and think it's a good play

of course, in addition to the "phoenix", I also like other characters in the play very much. Whether they are decent characters or villains, they almost reflect all kinds of characters in the world, natural and true, without deliberately rendering or malicious tampering. Each character has different personalities, different obsessions and different endings

fragrant honey sinks like frost

an unimaginable grape beauty, a charred Phoenix man, a shiny male fish. Plus a heartless pill that leads to the expansion of the paper packaging market. Er... In fact, double cultivation is a performance art worthy of in-depth discussion. The flowers are open and the windows are open, but why can't I see you. I can see you and hear the details of concrete block flexural strength test, but I can't say I love you... Is there really an afterlife? Then, I would like to be a butterfly flapping its wings, a drop of ink that will be scattered through the paper, A grain of weathered sand...

the wire is antique.

it is like "Jinmi killed the Phoenix by mistake, and finally found that he was wrong. He traded the power of color discrimination with his eyes for the light of the dark dome as nine turns. 1. According to the experimental needs, adjust the reciprocating stroke of the gripper, and the medicine guide of the golden elixir finally saved the Phoenix. The faint time turns, the cycle of cause and effect, and the phoenix also killed Jinmi by mistake, and abandoned the supreme position to save Jinmi's soul." Fortunately, the final outcome was good. They made up for their mistakes in time and did not cause lifelong regret

now, I feel that the "fragrant honey" that has been chasing for more than a month is over. Of course, I'm very reluctant [chuckling], but this play is great, and I can't help writing so much. Of course, finally, I want to thank the author of this purely fictional work. You use wild language to describe an empty prosperous world to the audience. I can feel your reflection on reality between the lines of your lines. I think I will finish reading the original

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