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The research and development of fracturing equipment in China ranks among the world's leading companies.

undertaken by Sinopec Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd., the project of "development and cluster utilization of ultra-high pressure and high-power oil and gas fracturing units" independently developed by 8 universities and scientific research institutions, including CNPC University, has won the second prize of the National Award for scientific and technological progress. Industry experts said that the advent and utilization of large-scale complete sets of fracturing equipment has built a complete research and development system of fracturing equipment, led the growth of the industry, promoted the research and development level of fracturing equipment in China, and marked that the research and development level of fracturing equipment in China ranks first in the field of origin

The relevant person in charge of Sinopec told that among the newly discovered oil and gas reserves in China, deep, ultra deep and shale gas are very regular oil and gas capital, accounting for about 2/3. The efficient development of these capital is the primary strategic step of national power Enron, and it is also the main battlefield of oil and gas development. The conventional fracturing unit can no longer meet the safe and efficient development of capital under the premise of China's extremely huge geological and surface conditions. Some industry elites with keen sense of smell are manipulating large-scale fracturing units from the traditional packaged Red Sea. Stopping the reform of oil and gas reservoirs is the decisive means to restrict oil and gas reservoirs with "low porosity and permeability, large burial depth and high pressure"

therefore, it is of primary strategic significance to independently and innovatively develop ultra-high pressure and high-power oil-gas fracturing unit. It includes many fracturing trucks, sand mixing trucks, high-pressure manifold fragments, liquid distribution trucks, sand supply assembly and cluster control fragments, among which the 3000 fracturing truck is the best

first, it constitutes an integrated treatment scheme for shale gas exploration and development equipment. With innovative products and technologies such as "well factory" drilling rig, 3000 type full set of fracturing equipment, composite bridge plug, continuous oil pipe, "equal wall thickness screw drill + safe cutting PDC bit assembly", Sinopec Machinery Corporation's shale gas exploration and development equipment integrated treatment scheme has played a primary role in supporting the development of Fuling shale gas field, China's first shale gas field, and the completion of 5billion cubic meters of production capacity in a short time. At present, 32 3000 fracturing trucks and 67 supporting equipment have been produced, and the fracturing construction of more than 140 wells (2350 intervals) has been completed in total, helping Fuling shale gas field become the largest shale gas field in the world except North America, significantly improving the overall technology of oil and gas reservoir development in China, and providing the primary equipment guarantee for China's power Enron

second, the development of this goal has been successful, which has successfully dealt with the difficulties of China's trade development of oil and gas capital. Looking at nexus 4 in Chongqing, Sichuan, Guizhou, Xinjiang, southwest, Northern Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia and other places, we know that the successful utilization of large fracturing equipment has dealt with the difficulties of production and trading development of China's difficult oil and gas capital, making the development of Changqing oil field, Puguang Gas Field and Yuanba gas field practical

third, it has become the main force of large-scale fracturing construction equipment in China. In the 16 oil and gas fields such as new year's Eve, Lecheng and delay, they are widely used in fracturing operations, playing a primary role in oil and gas development. The equipment operates well and is highly praised by users. In October 2015, 460 sets of large-scale fracturing equipment were developed, accounting for 70% of the international market, becoming the main force of large-scale fracturing equipment in China

fourth, complete the export of critical components to North America, CIS and other countries and regions. The project constituted three industry standards, formulated 15 enterprise standards, requested 20 national discovery patents, authorized 9, obtained 15 software copyrights, and issued 87 papers. It has established 15 sets of experimental assemblies such as 6000HP fracturing pump experiment and 700MPa high pressure test, forming an annual production capacity of 700 fracturing pumps, 100000 high-pressure manifolds and 400 sets of series fracturing equipment. The developed fracturing pump, high-pressure manifold, control system and other key components are exported to North America, CIS and other regions

complete the four major innovations

according to experience, the project team has completed the four major innovations through more than 10 years of continuous technological research, relying on the support of the national major science and technology projects and 863 scientific research projects

first, innovation has formed the lightweight and optimized integrated technology of ultra-high pressure and high-power fracturing vehicles. The first 2500 and 3000 fracturing vehicles in the world have been developed before and after, which has promoted the core competence of fracturing equipment in China. Second, innovation has formed a large-scale accurate and efficient mixing technology of the whole process of fracturing fluid. Third, we have established the design, manufacture, detection and utilization of ultra-high pressure manifold to ensure the fragmented technology. The design method of high-pressure manifold based on erosion mechanism and stress material lightweight is proposed, which is lack of big breakthrough analysis and calculation, forming the evaluation and optimization technology of non-metallic sealing data under the premise of ultra-high pressure corrosion, and 140MPa ultra-high pressure manifold is developed. Fourth, it has innovated the cluster control and utilization technology of complete sets of equipment based on large-scale fracturing engineering

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