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Frank inverter signed a contract with North Korea

Frank inverter has been cooperating with North Korea for more than a year, which has been approved by North Korean users and has obtained a signing agreement for long-term cooperation

as we all know, the overall power transmission and distribution equipment in North Korea should be tested and improved. The machine conditions are aging. The goal of power supply reliability is the variation range of voltage foam particle machine: + 6%, - 13%, he said; Frequency change rate: 5%. Although the situation has improved, the voltage and frequency are still unstable. For the rated 220 V and 60 Hz, 200 V and 57.5 Hz usually appear. Under abnormal conditions, it is non-toxic. It can be used in the food and drug industry for 140 V, 300 V and 37.5 Hz, which is still far from the target value

based on this situation, many brands of frequency converters can not adapt to local conditions to ensure normal operation. Since the end of 2008, Frank frequency converters from 5.5kW to more than 280KW high-power frequency converters have been widely used in different equipment and different occasions in North Korea. Due to the characteristics of wide voltage range output, voltage stabilization and frequency stabilization of Frank frequency converters, the high reliability of adapting to the environment has been approved by North Korean users, And obtain the signing of long-term cooperation

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