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Foxconn will never give up manufacturing. The fourth generation industrial park will be built.

Taiwan Foxconn should first clean the oil pipe with kerosene. Gou Taiming, President of Technology Group, said Foxconn will never give up manufacturing, but the proportion of manufacturing may decline. Only with strong primary and secondary industries can there be a better tertiary industry. Any service industry must be backed by strong primary and secondary industries. Manufacturing is the foundation of Foxconn, but Foxconn will use scientific and technological means to reduce the pollution of manufacturing

Terry Gou said that Foxconn itself is not an enterprise that will produce a lot of pollution, but mainly produces electronic products. Gou Taiming believes that by investing in the improvement of environmental protection technology, the self-made and development of environmental protection equipment, and the research and development of new materials and processes, there is a 50% confidence that the cost of enterprises will not be increased without sacrificing the environment and ecology. Foxconn will not give up environmental protection and the construction of ecological civilization

Foxconn Group accounted for about 4.5% of exports in the mainland last year, and 97% of Foxconn's products were exported. Former Minister of Commerce Chen Deming in developed countries and regions such as Europe and the United States hopes Foxconn to join the 12th Five Year Plan to stabilize Foxconn's export growth, but to adjust the structure, expand domestic demand and benefit people's livelihood. At present, when the surface of Foxconn materials is in contact with other objects, it has begun to promote domestic and export sales together, striving to achieve half. Foxconn still has a lot of room for growth in the future. Recently, Foxconn will enter the medical and health industry, environmental protection industry, energy industry and robot industry. The cooperation between Foxconn and Xiaomi, LETV, Alibaba and Taobao has provided Foxconn with a large space for development. When talking about whether Foxconn will enter the agricultural field, Gou Taiming said that it will take time to develop agriculture. Maybe Guizhou is an opportunity for Foxconn to develop organic agriculture. Foxconn may not enter the field of agriculture, but it will combine agriculture with science and technology

Gou said that Gui'an New Area in Guiyang, Guizhou Province will be selected as the fourth generation industrial base. He also pointed out that Foxconn Group would work hard on domestic demand, expand the mainland market, and enter the medical, environmental protection, energy and other industries. The high-tech production base invested by Foxconn in Guiyang will involve electronic products such as, recording pens, video cameras, and video cameras, and its production process is in line with the requirements of ecological civilization construction in Guiyang. He said that, tablet computers, etc. have to go through the process of baking paint, which will pollute the environment. Foxconn will not bring the baking paint process to Guizhou, but will adopt a new special way to replace the original baking paint technology to avoid the possibility of polluting the environment. "We can't say that the products manufactured here are the most advanced, but their manufacturing process must be the most advanced, and they must pay the highest attention to environmental protection.

Foxconn Group will set up an" advanced technology demonstration factory "in Guiyang high tech Zone, which is expected to be put into operation in November this year. In addition, the group plans to train 10000 people for Guizhou in the education and training cooperation plan is being implemented. The electronic information industrial park in Gui'an new area The site selection of health preservation and leisure base is also being carried out. Gou Taiming said that the investment in Guizhou is long-term, and it is expected to achieve the employment target of 50000 people. Sintered ordinary bricks gb/t 5101 ⑵ 003

it is reported that the first generation Foxconn base was born in Shenzhen, the second generation Foxconn settled in Yantai, Shandong, and the third generation Foxconn was located in Tianjin. Gou Taiming said that the fourth generation Foxconn will invest in Gui'an new area of Guiyang and take high-end development paths such as industrial R & D, software R & D and cloud network, and integrate the spirit of ecological civilization of environmental protection and sustainable development into the whole investment

Foxconn's real glory comes from Chinese Mainland. In 1988, Foxconn entered China and took the first step in its development on the mainland. From a macroeconomic perspective, low-cost comparative advantage is an important reason for China's rapid economic growth for 30 years, and it is also a key factor for China's foreign trade to maintain high-speed growth and surplus pattern for a long time. Foxconn is undoubtedly one of the beneficiaries. Foxconn has received waves of orders from various high-tech companies, from notebook computers to apple, from digital cameras to LED lighting

taking advantage of the loose policy environment for the OEM industry in mainland China, Foxconn, which has a strategic vision, has since ridden the dust, until it became the king of OEM. During this period, it took less than 20 years in total

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