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In 2019, NVIDIA successively launched RTX 20 series and GTX 16 Series graphics cards, causing another upsurge of configuration updates in the e-sports industry. RTX 20 series graphics card adopts ray tracing technology, which has become the favorite of high-end game players once it is launched. The performance of GTX 16 Series graphics card is also greatly improved compared with the previous generation of GTX 1050ti and GTX 1060 graphics cards. It is a necessary cost-effective choice for the student party

rtx 20 series graphics card adopts revolutionary graphics card technology, combined with NVIDIA turingtm architecture and the new rtxtm platform, which can not only run smoothly at high resolution, but also integrate real-time ray tracing, artificial intelligence and programmable coloring technology to bring more realistic game pictures, faster picture rendering speed, higher energy efficiency ratio and immersive game immersion. Ray tracing technology can simulate the reflection of light in the real world, bring film level visual experience, and achieve a qualitative leap in game vision and game experience. It is a popular choice for game players who are keen on 3A masterpieces

and the performance of GTX 16 Series graphics card is really eye-catching. Gtx16 Series graphics card also adopts a new generation of Turing architecture, which greatly improves its ability in graphics analysis and image performance. Its smooth running speed enables it to bring a continuous and strong game experience without stagnation for all kinds of large-scale games. Its overall performance is significantly improved compared with the previous generation of GTX 1050ti and GTX 1060 graphics cards, which can bring players a new game experience. For players who pursue high cost performance, the price of GTX 16 Series graphics card is more user-friendly than that of RTX 20 series graphics card. At the same time, it can also meet the needs of playing large-scale games. It is very suitable for the student party and white-collar workers entering the society

in 2019, game players began to start all kinds of high-energy fighter planes equipped with a new generation of graphics cards to refresh their equipment library and combat strength at the same time. In order to give back the great support of the aircraft friends, the machinists also jointly held an activity with NVIDIA to buy machines and send benefits from now on to August 25, 2019, Users who purchase GTX 16 series game books or desktops in the mechanic tmall flagship store can receive dota2 International Invitational warrior writ-50 level. Users who purchase RTX 20 series game books or desktops can receive dota2 International Invitational warrior writ-100 level

as one of the popular games loved by many game youth, the warrior writ of dota2 International Invitational is also a valuable gift that many E-sports players dream of. With the warrior writ, players can go straight to the center of DOTA in summer. Exclusive functions and legendary rewards such as the iron fist axe free king suit, the ground Shaker's treasure, and custom maps are waiting for players to open with hot blood! Users who have not activated the 2019 International Invitational warrior writ will directly receive the corresponding level of 2019 International Invitational warrior writ rewards based on the purchased configuration; Users who have been activated can also use Funa to make instruments and meters become a direct operation tool for human beings to understand and transform the world. What are the experimental methods of hitting the experimental machine? This is also the content of this article! Benefit is converted into grade points of the 2019 International Invitational warriors writ. Action is better than heart beating. What are you hesitating about? Immediately enter the strength fighter with the new configuration of the mechanic, and show your strength in the battlefield of dota2

it's really a lot of trouble to choose the configuration and compare the price and appearance. If you have choice difficulties, you might as well consider the sincere masterpiece f117-v for the fifth anniversary of the mechanic

mechanic f117-v adopts diamond micro three-dimensional design, triangular wing blue light belt with RGB intelligent atmosphere light, and the highly scientific and technological design fully shows the fighter edge of metal American warships. F117-v not only shows originality in appearance design, but also makes great efforts in configuration. F117-v uses Intel's ninth generation IH processor. Players can also choose three different configurations of game graphics cards, GTX 1650 4G, GTX 1660ti 6G and RTX 2060 6G, according to their own needs. Two gtx16 Series graphics cards can enjoy the 144+fps game experience at 1080p resolution, and the ray tracing technology using RTX 2060 graphics card can let players experience a different dota2 vision. Mechanic f117-v not only has a very eye-catching appearance, but also is very awesome in performance. It can bring players a more enjoyable game experience. It is a strength fighter that players who want to refresh their strength in 2019 cannot miss

now, if you buy a mechanic's high-energy starplane, you can not only occupy the decisive height in the battlefield with the new fighter, but also obtain the dota2 International Invitational warriors writ. What are you waiting for? Quickly switch to a hard core fighter that suits you and show your true strength in the battlefield of dota2

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