The hottest free plastic bag is made of garbage

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The raw material of free plastic bags is garbage

since the "plastic ban order" was issued, most of the plastic bags have been used for a fee. Many people go shopping with their own bags or baskets in the horizontal tension test oil source system, but many people still like to use the plastic bags provided by the stall owners for convenience when shopping in the farmers' market. What are these plastic bags made of and what are the raw materials? The plastic black workshop recently sealed up by Weifang Gaomi industrial and commercial department has given everyone a glimpse

when law enforcement officers came to this black dens, the machine for manufacturing plastic particles was running. In the spacious courtyard, waste plastic woven bags have piled up into mountains, and smoke is billowing in the chimneys of two simple factories. The law enforcement personnel of the wire rod manufacturer who used it as an experiment told the person in charge of the black dens that according to the city's documents, the black workshops that pollute the environment should be shut down. The person in charge of the black dens argued that they had been out of business for several days

as soon as I entered the factory, I suddenly had a strong and pungent smell. The house has everything from raw materials, processing tools to finished products. The production conditions are very simple, and there is no environmental protection treatment facilities. A high-temperature furnace for processing plastic particles is placed in the middle of the plant. The workers melt the recycled plastic waste in the furnace, then wire it, cool it, and finally cut it into plastic particles. The whole assembly line is very simple. The wastewater produced in the processing process was directly discharged into the farmland outside the yard through ditches without any treatment

person in charge of black dens: it is the waste of processing points. Law enforcement officer: you have violated the environmental protection law. You have violated the law

law enforcement officials said that this black workshop did not go through any production and operation related procedures, which belongs to unlicensed processing, not to mention passing the environmental assessment of the environmental protection department. The evidence is conclusive, and the law enforcement officers asked the black workshop to shut down immediately. The person in charge has another explanation for his behavior

the person in charge of the black dens argued that this is waste processing, which belongs to waste recycling. Law enforcement officials said that the premise of waste utilization must not cause pollution to the environment, and the black dens only convert waste into a material, which causes greater pollution to the mechanical property experiments of welding rods and components

immediately, law enforcement officers detained the plastic particles in the plant

xuhongyou, deputy leader of Gaomi Environmental Supervision Brigade, said that the plastic bags purchased by heiwodian have complex components, and the waste water produced in the production process pollutes the groundwater very seriously. The gas it produces is a carcinogen, which poses a serious threat to the lives and health of workers and surrounding people

according to law enforcement officials, these illegal processing sites crush waste plastic waste into plastic particles, and then sell them to illegal manufacturers to make plastic bags. Because of their poor quality, most of these plastic bags flow into places such as vegetable markets, and most of the direct contact is food, which is very harmful to human health

such harmful black workshops should be found and sealed up one by one, and they must not be allowed to harm people again

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