Analysis of common problems of the hottest ink car

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Analysis of common problems of ink cartridge nozzle

case 1: unable to identify the ink cartridge

users who use continuous ink supply may often encounter such a situation: after using the machine for a period of time, they are not printing, because the printer cannot recognize the black ink box

fault cause and solution: in this case, we should all have heard of the word "oil trapping", mainly because the waste ink bin of the printer is full. In fact, every inkjet printer has a fixed accessory life 2 The reducer mechanism is composed of synchronous toothed belt and precision ball screw pair. When some accessories reach the service life, the printer will prompt that they cannot be printed. Because waste ink is easy to form during the use of the continuous ink supply system, it is easy to cause the waste ink bin to be full. There are two ways to deal with this situation: or use the reset software to reset the printer motherboard, so as to eliminate the setting of the printer; Or you can go to the maintenance point to replace the sponge in the waste ink bin. The author suggests that users adopt the latter. Because it is easy to cause waste ink to miss and burn the printer simply by clearing

case 2: the swing speed of the print head car slows down, resulting in low-speed printing

the transformation of the continuous ink supply system will often transform the original ink cartridge, which will inevitably cause the burden of the word car. When the load is too heavy, the cart will move slowly. Moreover, the overload will also lead to the accelerated aging of the printer belt and increase the friction between the carriage and the connecting rod. These will cause the printing speed to slow down. In serious cases, it will also cause the word cart to be unable to reset and then cannot be used

fault causes and solutions: 1. Replace the motor. The rubber hose of the continuous ink supply system rubs against the wall of the printer, causing the load of the electric motor to increase, and the electric motor is lost after long-term use, so try to replace it; 2. Lubricate the connecting rod. It has been used for a long time, and the friction between the carriage and the connecting rod in the machine increases, which leads to the slow operation of the electric motor. At this time, lubricating the connecting rod can solve the problem, Li Jianbo said; 3. The printer belt is aging. The friction of the driving gear connected to the motor increases and accelerates the aging of the printer's belt. At this time, cleaning and lubrication can reduce the aging failure of the belt

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