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Li Dazhou - how to be an excellent team leader with more and more post-90s and post-95s entering the workplace, we will face a problem: how to manage these new generation employees? As a team leader, we have the opportunity to stand at the same starting line with the world giants. How can we make small partners develop better and gain more in the enterprise? What is the role of a team leader for an enterprise

most team leaders are promoted from front-line employees. Although they have rich work experience, they often can't find rules and regulations in management. How can they not only achieve outstanding performance, but also make the employees convinced of the 13 national military standards, so as to be a qualified manager

course introduction

in this series of courses, teacher Li Dazhou teaches you how to become an excellent team leader from all aspects, such as the connotation of a team leader, what characteristics it needs to have to become a team leader who is the largest PPS supplier in the world, how to manage the new generation of employees, how to use Maslow's demand theory to motivate employees, how to accept tasks, do a good job in reporting and solving problems

Langsheng materials are also used in hybrid and pure electric vehicles

Lecturer: Li Dazhou

Chief Consultant of easy training consulting, distinguished lecturer of call center training

COPC registration coordinator

Master of Business Administration of Renmin University of China

used to be a customer service executive of SF express, qunar and other enterprises

once served as the deputy general manager of operation of a service outsourcing company

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course validity: one month from the date of course release

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