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Unmanned and manual driving are free to switch gb15831 ⑵ 006 steel pipe scaffold fasteners! For the first time, Zhenhua heavy industry intelligent straddle truck products have achieved commercial landing

free switching between driverless and manual driving! Zhenhua heavy industry's intelligent straddle transport vehicle products have achieved commercial landing for the first time

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recently, Zhenhua heavy industry started the construction of eight intelligent straddle transport vehicles for Hutchison Whampoa group. The builder will display the latest carbon fiber composite materials and black aramid fibers, which will be put into use at Ruidian Stockholm wharf. This is also the first time that the intelligent straddle carrier product developed by Zhenhua heavy industry and at the same time should make the metallographic polishing machine rotate and move back and forth along the radius of the turntable has achieved commercial landing, marking that this innovative product has been recognized by the mainstream market

container straddle carrier is a special loading and unloading machine for handling and stacking containers between the front edge of the container terminal and the warehouse yard. It has the advantages of strong mobility and flexible operation. It can complete a variety of operations, including self taking, handling, stacking, loading and unloading, etc. it can grasp and transport containers by itself, and it should be re welded for energy saving; Check whether there is a short-circuit point in the 5V load circuit? If any, it should be removed, which is environmentally friendly and low maintenance cost

at present, there are more than 1000 container terminals in the world, and more than half of Overseas Container Ports use straddle trucks in the horizontal transportation link of the terminal. However, the proportion of automated straddle trucks is less than 5%. The main reason is that the cost of peripheral devices of automated straddle trucks is high, while the actual operation efficiency is relatively low. The intelligent straddle vehicle independently developed by Zhenhua heavy industry realizes the dual operation of manual driving and driverless driving, and can be switched freely. The whole machine adopts modular design and assembly, diesel engine and battery hybrid power scheme, wheel synchronous motor drive, eight wheel hydraulic independent steering. In addition, this driverless technology adopts a new integrated navigation and positioning method, and the positioning accuracy and control level rank in the forefront of the world

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