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Analysis of common problems when gluing and packaging products

in the process of gluing and packaging products, the following problems are always prone to occur: the amount of glue applied is too thick, resulting in glue overflow after pressing, which not only affects the beauty of products, but also prone to mutual adhesion between packaging boxes. If this happens, leave it in the air for 2-5 minutes after brushing the adhesive, and press it again after the adhesive is slightly dry. The purpose of glue brushing is to increase the solid conveying rate of materials. If the material is too thin and the drying time is too long, it will lead to poor bonding fastness, and sometimes it will not be bonded at all. In this case, you should understand and consult the manufacturer according to the instructions

if there is no pressing or the pressure is too small, the bonded products will automatically spring open. This situation is mainly for the products of some foreign manufacturers. For products with large stiffness, it is necessary to press for at least half an hour, because many adhesives are contact adhesive 8 Do not completely test the mold with secondary materials, so the two bonded surfaces must be effectively pressed against the test results. In unit time, if the initial adhesion force is less than the product elasticity, the product will spring open, so the general products require 0.5 hours of pressing time

in order to save the cost of raw materials, some manufacturers use compound film adhesive and milky glue to stick boxes or use a large amount of water to dilute the adhesive, resulting in insufficient bonding fastness and poor adhesion on the film. This situation is very dangerous and violates the bonding principle and process. I hope that all adhesive users will not cause greater losses to themselves because of blindly using adhesive

the packaging box will be degummed in cold winter. This is mainly because some adhesives have poor low temperature resistance. Below 5 ℃, the surface of the adhesive will lose its activity, resulting in the decrease or disappearance of the adhesive force. In hot summer, the glued packaging box will also pop up and degumm in the warehouse or transport truck. This is mainly because the high temperature resistance of this adhesive is not good. At the temperature of 50-60 ℃, the adhesive layer becomes soft and the strength becomes smaller, resulting in the degumming of the packaging box

the bonding effect of the packaging box is very good at the initial stage of bonding (usually half a month), but with the extension of time, the packaging box will be degummed. This is mainly due to the poor adhesive durability of the adhesive itself. Most of it is because some plasticizers are added to the adhesive. With the extension of time, the plasticizers migrate to the paper base, resulting in the hardening and brittleness of the adhesive layer and the degumming of the product. On the other hand, the adhesive contains a large number of unsaturated bonds, which leads to poor aging resistance of the product. The storage period is prolonged, and the adhesive film becomes brittle, which makes the product degummed

if the warehouse is very wet and stored in it for a long time, not only the humidity of the product will exceed the standard, but also the product will degumm. This is mainly because the product absorbs water, and the water resistance of the adhesive itself is not good, which leads to the softening of the adhesive layer and delamination

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