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From the end of last year to the Spring Festival, the home building materials market “ Up ” The noise rose everywhere, which made the owners who were preparing to decorate their new houses very anxious. Many owners said that the funds used to decorate new houses were not much. Now the price of building materials has risen, and that little money is not enough. How can decoration save money and be practical? Recently, the author contacted several people and frequently posted “ Save money by posting ” The owners hope to inspire more owners through their decoration examples

master in advance “ Sub Ledger &ldquo& ldquo; Pre signing ” When it comes to decoration, the first thing to consider is the budget. Although the price is equal to the goods, how to spend the same money to achieve cost-effective decoration also requires owners to do some homework before decoration, so that they have a sense of responsibility “ Understand the account ”. Xiao Zhang, who just finished decorating the house last year, summed up his experience and stressed that we must understand the proportion of each link in the total budget, so that we can allocate it in real time and not lose control of the decoration cost. For example, the general home decoration design fee accounts for 5% to 20% of the whole decoration cost, and the difference lies in the requirements for the decoration quality. Choosing to contract labor and materials for decoration or purchasing materials by yourself will also lead to a large cost gap. In particular, at present, the things purchased by ourselves are not necessarily cheaper than those contracted for labor and materials. The key lies in whether the decorator knows the trade. Xiao Zhang suggested that the current decoration materials are already a product flow operation. In fact, decoration is a combination, so you can find low prices by running three building materials markets. Before decoration, we must set aside enough time to put the design, materials, inquiry and budget in place. The more fully prepared in the early stage, the faster the decoration can be. In the process of inquiry or preliminary research, it is best to establish a small account book first, and record the brands and models of the inquired prices one by one. It is best to borrow the decoration account from friends who have just finished the decoration, and have a good idea of the decoration expenses. For the rising trend of home decoration prices after the festival, Xiao Zhang suggested that if the new owners want to catch up with the last “ Cheap price ”, Learn more about the labor and materials of some home decoration companies, and compare goods with more companies, so it's no problem to save money. Every home decoration company has something similar to “ Pre holiday booking, post holiday decoration ” Activities. Although this is also one of their promotional methods to increase the annual sales, for consumers, it is “ Bargain hunting ” Methods. The author also learned from the heads of various home decoration companies that if you want to get “ Cheap price ”, You must sign an order and pay a deposit before the price rises. Each company has different requirements for the commencement date, and the owner is choosing “ Pre signing ” You should ask clearly before taking action




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