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How many mistakes do you know about decoration? People should also have a broad vision at home. Too many and thick ceilings in the decoration will make the residents feel depressed. The porch materials that block the line of sight should be used less at home. Keeping transparent and simple lines is what modern people need most in their natural mentality. If you don't have a deep understanding of Western living habits and culture, you'd better abandon roman columns, Western sculptures and other decorations, and only thoughtful homes can have culture

the pace of modern life has left people without too much time to specialize in reading, and it is of little significance to hide books in the study. It's best to integrate the study into the living room, and casual reading is the most scientific habit. In this atmosphere, children will naturally be nurtured. Even a small bookcase can be designed in the bathroom, and plants can be placed, and flowers can be used to replace chemical fragrance

placing foreign wine bottles in the wine cabinet as decoration is a misunderstanding in many home decoration. There are great differences between Western Wine Culture and Eastern wine culture. If there is no cultural foundation, it will inevitably appear hypocritical

the position of eating and sitting is also very important. It is best to set the dinner table in a relatively prosperous position, which is good for family members

on the other hand, if there are layers in the house, try to set the dining room in a high position and avoid setting it in a sunken place

the study is a place for retreat, and the position of the desk depends on the needs of the user, for example, a businessman seeking money, his desk, · It should be placed in the prosperous position. It is more suitable for scholars or students to be placed in the crouching position

the location of lighting installation is very important. It is best not to install lighting directly on the top of people. For the bedroom, it's best not to install the lamp directly on the bed. The light will generate energy and affect people's popularity. If the bedroom area is too small, it is recommended to set the light at the side of the room, so as not to affect the lighting, and it is also good for the people living

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you who are struggling must underestimate the setting of the geomantic environment in the study. Are you ready for a big career? Let's start with Feng Shui in the study. The right Feng Shui auspicious position can make people get twice the result with half the effort. Let's talk about the ten principles of Feng Shui layout in the study

first, the study should be quiet. The study is a place to study. You must keep quiet. There should be no noisy objects in the study, such as wind chimes. The windows should be tightly closed to block the messy sounds outside the window

second, the study should be bright. The study should have overall lighting facilities to facilitate writing, reading and learning. Lighting makes people work hard

third, the study should be elegant. Decorate the study with handicrafts or pictures to show an elegant and quiet feeling, so that people want to learn as soon as they enter the study

IV. sit at the desk. The desk should be placed in the best position in the study. The desk should not be directly opposite the door. It is directly attacked by the evil spirit outside the door. Moreover, this long-term impacted desk position will bring disadvantages to studies

v. the bookcase is sitting down. The desk should be placed in an auspicious position, while the bookcase is just the opposite. The bookcase should be placed in the declining position of the room, or in a corner and a place with poor light

VI. the seat has a backer. In the study, we should avoid the situation that there is no back, and there should be a wall or cabinet behind the seat

VII. The study is not too big. Set the study in a large room. Reading and studying in a large study is easy to distract. The size of the study should be moderate

VIII. Avoid the top of the beam. There should be no crossbeam on the desk. If the crossbeam is pressed on the top of the learner's head or on the desk, the study will be under heavy pressure, which will also affect the learning mental state

IX. the room should be orderly. Books must be placed neatly, and other items should be placed orderly. Don't put the room like a gossip array. If you put it too disorderly, it is easy to have a disordered mood

10. Put the mascot on the left. Some friends put some mascots such as Wenchang tower on their desks to increase their study luck. The mascots should be placed on the left side of the study desk. The left side is the green dragon and the left side is the text. Placing them on the left side of the desk is more conducive to learning

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