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Want to know how to decorate the living room of the star family? Xiaobian specially integrated the living room of 11 popular stars. Every house is unexpectedly beautiful, and then shows the owner's style

do you want to know how the living room of the star family was decorated? Xiaobian specially integrated the living room of 11 popular stars. Every house is unexpectedly beautiful, and then shows the owner's style. You must be curious, too? Go and have a look with Xiaobian

singer Ye Bei

in the MV shooting of the main song of the new album "flowers", ye Bei's home appeared for the first time. The director said that it looked like a place without a sense of distance, comfortable and vibrant. Yes, it's warm, bright and harmonious, with a hint of laziness, no deliberately cumbersome luxury, neither material nor minimalist, just as she gives people the consistent feeling: singing freely, showing people the truth, pure as the untainted Tibetan sky, so clear that it seems to be visible at a glance

the paintings behind the sofa in the living room are ye Bei's experience of wandering in Pan Jiayuan. Therefore, the whole room has a strong artistic atmosphere

movie star Wang Qian

Wang Qian, who has created many police flower images, swept away the spirit of being concise when building her own home, but put warmth and delicacy into every detail and every space

the living room is full of classical art

Hollywood actress Gwyneth? Paltrow

is this Hollywood beauty Gwyneth? Gwyneth Paltrow and her husband, Coldplay lead singer Chris? Chris Martin is located in the "summer resort" in Hampton, long island. The four members of their family (including their daughter apple and son Moses) will live here in summer. In 2006, they spent $5.4 million on the villa. Gwyneth? Paltrow is also personally responsible for the interior design of the whole house

Gwyneth? Paltrow prefers cold colors and likes minimalism with a little feminine color. Bright and simple lines, but without losing functionality. Gwyneth? Paltrow, a big star, is very interested in his home design

Chen Ming, the "Queen of Southern songs", was known as the "Queen of Southern songs" when she made her debut. When she was the most popular, she sang three of the ten songs on a ranking list, such as "happy hometown", "for you" and so on, and "fairy music floating" was an invincible player in the ranking list. A few years ago, Chen Ming suddenly got married and had children! Later, her family life became the main melody of her life, which seemed very dull, but Chen Ming felt the most important happiness in her life

Chen Ming likes plain colors, and even the sofa is no exception. As a result, his friends dare not sit when they come

Qingge, Wang Yan

women are like water, and water is different. Qiongyao portrayed Qing'er as a woman like dew in "huanzhu gege". Crystal pure beauty, not touched by a trace of smoke and anger, people can't help but pity. But in fact, she is really not a dewdrop. Wang Yan, is a glass of water with the right temperature. She always firmly enjoys the happiness that a cup of warm water should have

elegant grey and gorgeous red make the living room more elegant

singer Luo Zhongxu

the singing world is impetuous. In the face of changes, Luo Zhongxu, who was popular in the north and south of the river with a song "bright stars" in his early years, has always been happy and calmly walking his own way, following the good and bad luck, and inadvertently moving forward

the plain colors appear relaxed and casual, and Luo Zhongxu is unwilling to let the living room appear restrained and depressed due to the heavy colors

the most famous decoration madman in the film and television industry: Liu Zi

speaking of buying a house for decoration, Liu Zi is a famous "decoration madman" in the entertainment industry. She has bought a house for many times, decorated it herself, designed household products by herself, and even went crazy to write a book called "home. Dream", which records her "love and hate" for buying a house and decorating it. It is said that this book is selling very well now. Now the editor will excerpt a passage for you to feel Liu Zi's enthusiasm for home decoration

there are only black and white colors in the whole living room, which is atmospheric and not publicized

Ming model Xie Dongna

Xie Dongna, a famous Chinese model, always thought that her home would be as gorgeous, gorgeous, exaggerated and gorgeous as the fashion on the catwalk. When we knocked on her home, we felt warm, low-key and romantic

steady yellow is the main tone of space, and implicit patterns silently convey romance in a gentle and elegant way

movie star Xu Lu

maybe it's because of her weak and small appearance. Xu Lu is on the screen, not "deep love rain"




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