Theo doors and windows achieved continuous success

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Towards the end of March, hieu has made continuous achievements, signing 3 consecutive contracts in one day on March 28, and signing a total of 26 franchise stores in March

towards the end of March, Greece and Europe have successively signed three contracts in one day on March 28

a total of 26 franchise stores were signed in March

the customers who came to the headquarters of Xiou doors and windows on March 28 were accompanied by the manager of the investment promotion department. Several customers visited the exhibition hall of Xiou doors and windows, and learned about Xiou's product technology and brand culture in detail

long, manager of Xiou investment promotion department and general manager Liu of Yunnan Province

Xiou pays attention to the details of every door and window product, and every process link is perfect. Every process technology embodies the craftsman spirit of Xiou. Theo doors and windows are a model of craftsmanship

several customers who came to visit highly recognized the exquisite door and window technology, advanced and excellent design concept, and one-on-one operation assistance system of Xiou doors and windows. In particular, high-quality raw materials, such as eco-friendly profiles, high-quality hardware accessories and automotive high-definition glass, are very competitive in the market, and the pricing makes customers excited

after investigation, several customers immediately signed an agreement with Theo and officially became the franchisee of theo

manager Hu of the Investment Promotion Department of Theo and general manager Zhang of Guangdong

Theo doors and windows are first-line brands with customer satisfaction and consumer recognition. Theo not only pays attention to the updating and upgrading of product technology, but also continuously improves the technological content of door and window technology; It is also committed to building a mature practical assistance team for terminal marketing, comprehensively helping the implementation of terminal marketing, providing customers with one-to-one sales, product and installation skills training for a long time, helping customers quickly open the market, expand customer sources, and make customers worry free in the whole process of operation

the Xiou door and window brand stores have been spread all over the country, and the brand culture has won the recognition of the majority of customers, and has become a leading indicator in the door and window industry. Among the first-line door and window brands, Xiou door and window has laid a broad market and is in a leading position among peers

in March, gifts will never stop

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