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Wang's feast, the 17th anniversary of oshilai wall cloth, national day, double 11, and three festivals, thanks to the huge benefits, the activity is extremely strong, and there are also gifts such as DW watches and goose feather quilts

Hangzhou Yongxin Textile Co., Ltd., founded in 2001, has been 17 years now

on this occasion, the 17th anniversary celebration of Hangzhou Yongxin textile oshilai wallcovering is about to begin

17 anniversary, national day, double National Day, three festivals are merged, and the activities are more intense

time of activity: October 1 - November 11, 2018 17:00

place of activity: oshilai wall cloth stores in all districts and counties across the country

content of activity

consumers buy gifts with a deposit of

01, a deposit of 3888 yuan, a southern bedding goose feather quilt with a value of 800 yuan

02, a deposit of 5888 yuan, a DW watch with a value of 1200 yuan

03, a deposit of 8888 yuan, and a DW couple watch with a value of 2500 yuan.Pay attention to

1 The number of gifts nationwide is limited to 1711, and the number is limited until it is finished

2. During the activity, the price of oshilai wall cloth is normal, and false elevation is not allowed. Violators will be severely punished

3. The manufacturer guarantees that all gifts are authentic

activity process

01. Consumers choose the pattern of wall cloth at the oshilai store in their region and pay the corresponding deposit

02. Consumers choose the type of gifts according to the amount of deposit paid

03. The local oshilai store applies for activity gifts from the company

04. After the event, gifts will be sent successively on November 25

Introduction to gifts

DW watch

[physical picture]

the birth of Daniel Wellington brand stems from a chance encounter across half the world. Brand founder Filip tysander met a low-key and modest British gentleman during a trip. His clothes were elegant and simple, especially a NATO military strap antique watch worn between his wrists, which was mottled and old but showed a meaningful style. Filip was inspired by the extraordinary taste of this British gentleman, the lightness and retro style of the strap. He decided to create his own watch brand, named after Daniel Wellington, the British gentleman

dw watch is a watch brand that is very suitable for young people to wear, and its brand positioning is more in line with the fashionable young brand positioning of osley

therefore, we choose this watch as an activity gift, hoping to implant our brand concept into everyone's heart

― attention ―

dw watch dial color is random

men's/women's options

China's official website, offline stores, tmall flagship store, tmall global flagship store,, Suning e-commerce, etc. are all sold at prices above 1200 yuan

Southern bedding goose feather quilt

-- physical picture

Southern bedding Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 1981, is one of the branded home textile manufacturing enterprises in Chinese Mainland, and is also the home textile enterprise that first proposed the positioning of "festive bedding" in the industry. The soft and warm characteristics of goose feather quilt are also very similar to the warm and healthy characteristics of our oshilai wall cloth




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