The most popular second nano packaging application

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The second nano packaging application seminar will be held in Beijing next month. In order to better promote the application of nanotechnology in packaging materials and packaging technology, and further accelerate the process of China's packaging industry and technological innovation, China Packaging Federation will hold the "operation of special drainage and exhaust devices in the second nano packaging application seminar" in Beijing in late November 2006

at that time, it will feel delicate and moist. The conference will invite experts and scholars from relevant national ministries and commissions, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the national nano Research Center, and the R & D and application of nano packaging materials to give a series of lectures and discussions. The topics of the report include: the current situation and development trend of Nanotechnology at home and abroad; Research on the application of nanotechnology in the field of packaging and printing; Properties and characteristics of nanocomposites

information source: Yashi Industrial College

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