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The second national large-scale hoisting conference was solemnly opened at the International Conference Center of Dalian University of technology. The second national large-scale hoisting conference was solemnly opened at the International Conference Center of Dalian University of technology. China Construction Machinery Information Guide: China Fukou won the first high-end platform to be co organized throughout the whole process to show the style of Fukou. The Construction Enterprise Management Association of Sinopec, China Chemical Construction Enterprise Association China Petroleum Engineering Construction Association, China Electric Power Construction Enterprise Association, China Metallurgical Construction Association, China Construction Industry Association nuclear industry construction

China Fushou Mining Co., Ltd. won the first high-end platform in the whole process to show the style of Fushou mining

by Sinopec Construction Enterprise Management Association, China Chemical Construction Enterprise Association, China Petroleum Engineering Construction Association, China Electric Power Construction Enterprise Association, China Metallurgical Construction Association The "second national engineering construction industry large-scale hoisting market seminar and technical exchange meeting" hosted by the nuclear industry construction branch of China Construction Industry Association and invited the China Installation Association to participate in was grandly opened at the International Conference Center of Dalian University of technology on June 29, 2006. This is another important activity jointly sponsored by the six major industrial construction associations in China following the first hoisting conference held in Wuxi two years ago

I. the motivation for CO sponsoring comes from the height of the platform

the main purpose of this conference is to exchange the development trends of the seven major industries through the resource discussion of the large-scale hoisting market, expand the scope and space of cooperation, realize the information exchange and market sharing of hoisting equipment resources and market resources, and complement each other's advantages, so as to improve the competitiveness of enterprises in the market. Through the technical exchange of hoisting engineering, we will improve the hoisting technology and the management level of hoisting engineering, and consolidate the advantages of hoisting technology in various industries in the community. At the same time, by inviting well-known hoisting equipment manufacturers at home and abroad to introduce the latest development of hoisting equipment, we try to make the conference the largest industry information platform. Through this platform, the demand for large hoisting equipment is prospective

the mechanical performance testing machine for bridge expansion joints is mainly composed of loading host, hydraulic pump station, electrical and industrial control computer measurement and control system, (special configuration for American Standard Test), etc. This is undoubtedly a good opportunity for our equipment manufacturers to obtain information on the direction of international and domestic large-scale hoisting market and understand the application of international and domestic large-scale hoisting equipment. Moreover, the participants are all important heavyweights in the current large-scale hoisting industry. It is of great significance and role to do a good job in enterprise publicity on such a high-level platform. Therefore, the top management of the company decided not only not to give up this learning opportunity, but also to seize the opportunity of this meeting held in Dalian at home, and to strive for the right to co host this meeting last year with the advantages of the largest professional crawler crane manufacturer in China

On May 25, after many negotiations and communications between the general manager Zhang Jian of the sales company and the organizers, the organizing committee composed of six associations finally unanimously approved the conference and determined the qualification of Fugou company to co host the conference. This decision is not only the recognition of the organizers for the great achievements made by Fushou mining company in recent years, but also the support for Fushou mining company to focus on the R & D and manufacturing of hydraulic crawler cranes. The acquisition of the right to co sponsor this time also proves the strong strength and market influence of Fudao company in the manufacturing field of domestic crawler cranes. This will play a positive role in promoting the rapid take-off of the electromechanical system of the microcomputer controlled material testing machine, also known as mataye, which is of great significance

on May 31, the co organizing agreement was officially signed, and the company won various major general meetings and activities. Among them, a half-hour speech will be arranged in the agenda of the meeting on the morning of the first day; Conduct all-round advertising activities inside and outside the venue, in the form of conference journals and conference materials; Name the enterprise at the large reception on the evening of June 30; During the visit and investigation activities on July 1, the right to invite representatives of the meeting to visit the company was granted. Once the activities were determined, the main personnel responsible for this planning activity immediately put in intense and meticulous preparations. In particular, representatives of the organization meeting were invited to visit the company, which was the biggest highlight of this co organized activity. It is also one of the biggest difficulties. In order to organize this activity well, a lot of organizational work is carried out around this difficulty

III. the whole process of the main meeting fully shows the style of Fuqu

on June 28, the five-day co organizing activities of the general meeting were fully launched. The company divided the whole process co organizing activities into the main venue in Dalian and the Fuqu sub venue. Zhouzhibin, the deputy general manager of the company, Zhang Jian, the general manager of the sales company, led more than 20 sales managers in major regions of Fushou, as well as the principals of Fushou technical center and conference affairs team of Dalian University of technology, to participate in the co organizing activities at the main venue in Dalian. At 8:30 a.m. on the 29th, the conference kicked off in a grand and warm atmosphere. Zhouzhibin, the deputy general manager, was invited to take a seat on the rostrum of the conference. At 11:00, Zhang Jian delivered a speech to the conference on behalf of Fudao company. At first, all representatives were invited to watch the enterprise propaganda film. Then, he gave a speech to the conference on the current good development trend of the enterprise and Fudao's firm belief in focusing on the R & D and manufacturing of large crawler cranes, It won warm applause from the audience. Subsequent product introduction. Moreover, the delegates at the meeting really saw the strength of Fugou and its king style in the field of large-scale hoisting

in the evening, Zhang Jian, the general manager of the sales company, personally organized regional managers to visit some conference representatives who were eager to return to the unit on July 1, and sincerely communicated with them, which deeply touched them. During the exchange, they generally said: today's meeting has enabled us to have a comprehensive and clear understanding of the fuzzy concept of Fudiao. I didn't expect you to do so well. Sunshijie, Deputy Secretary General of China Electric Power Construction Enterprise Association, said: "your active participation this time makes us feel that your Zhejiang boss not only has strong economic strength, but also your strategic intention is very right. You must do a very good job in eliminating convection within the materials."

at 6:30 p.m. on June 30, a grand reception titled "China's fondue fondue fondue fondue fondue fondue fondue fondue fondue fondue fondue fondue fondue fondue fondue fondue fondue fondue fondue fondue fondue fondue fondue fondue fondue fondue fondue fondue fondue fondue fondue fondue fondue fondue fondue fondue fondue fondue fondue fondue fondue fondue fondue fondue fondue fondue fondue fondue fondue fondue fondue fondue fondue. All participants talked about the future with the guests at the reception and had an impromptu get-together with them. The nine o'clock reception in the evening ended in a friendly and warm atmosphere, which also marked a successful conclusion for our publicity activities at the main venue in Dalian

IV. Fushou home welcomes guests and friends from all over the world

on the morning of July 1, nearly 100 conference delegates, who took two luxury buses, embarked on the journey of "visiting Fushou and Shenyang Expo" with a good desire to further understand Fushou, get to know Fushou and make friends with Fushou, and began to visit Fushou company. All the organizational activities of the branch venue were carried out in a tense and orderly manner

after more than six hours' drive, all the meeting representatives who visited the factory arrived at Fushou safely at 3 p.m. This day's caressing and digging home seemed so fresh and elegant. When welcoming guests from afar with open mind, it was not at all restrained or pretentious. No exaggeration, no hypocrisy! Some are just broad-minded, some are just simple and pure. Let our guests feel the long-standing manufacturing history in the sincere communication, and understand the broad and profound enterprise connotation in the natural contact. After a short two-hour visit to the enterprise. The overwhelming majority of delegates felt that the trip was "worth it". Qiu Heng, a representative of the media, said with deep feeling: through visiting the enterprise, I feel that your enterprise is the same as that described in the promotional film, which proves that you are true and not hypocritical. What you do is the same as what you say. The promotional film is like a documentary, which is true and credible. The true meaning of propaganda is not divorced from the true propaganda, which is worth learning

after the visit, the chairman received all the guests and took a group photo with them on the test site

after the visit to the factory, all the guests were arranged to stay in Qipanshan scenic spot in Shenyang, and a reception was held in the evening. The chairman personally attended to wash the dust for everyone, thanked the leaders of various associations for their support in the toast, and also expressed to the visiting friends that they should refine and refine their products to repay their love for Fudiao with better work

during the banquet, the conference affairs group also specially arranged a "Er Ren Zhuan" program with northeast local characteristics for the guests to dispel the fatigue of the day's journey with lightness, humor and joy

v. "world garden" holds farewell to the guests and hosts and encourages them to share their aspiration

Shenyang World Horticultural Exposition is the largest Horticultural Exposition in the world. It allows our guests from afar to enjoy the rare scenery of "world garden" and leave them wonderful memories during the excavation trip. This is our greatest wish for the arrangement of activities and the last activity in the whole process of CO sponsoring

on the morning of July 2, the delegates turned from the beautiful Qipan mountain scenic spot to the Shenyang International Garden Fair. Although the demand for consumption upgrading due to the time relationship also promoted the continuous innovation of household appliances, the beautiful garden scenery really filled our guests' eyes. Although the trip of more than 3 hours is short, the friendship between the guests and us is becoming longer and longer as the time of separation approaches. Senior Engineer fuwenjing, the representative of the sponsor, said to Zhang Jian affectionately: "from the moment Dalian came into contact with Fudiao, we felt the enthusiasm of Fudiao. With the launching of the" co organizing "activities one by one and the continuous acceleration of the work frequency, until today, your enthusiasm has not cooled down. Your consistent working attitude has shown us the success elements that make Fudiao stronger and stronger, On behalf of the organizing committee, I would like to thank you for your support and congratulate you on your successful cooperation! Please allow me to express my most sincere gratitude on behalf of all the friends who have come to participate in the "guest touch and dig" tour! At the same time, please convey our respect to Chairman Xu and wish him good health and success in his career "! Zhang Jian happily accepted the parting message. While cherishing each other, they also brought their pride to a group of new and old friends who were about to leave: "in the future market game, Fudiao will sharpen its edge because of your great cause, and you will also be wonderful because of the extraordinary Fudiao! Please believe in Fudiao, trust Fudiao. It's right to be a friend of Fudiao!"

brilliance often turns transience into permanence. Fudiao people just did this

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