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In the past 9 years, the collapse depth of 1 straight junction accompanied by the bridge section of Guangzhou Pearl River university PPG has reached 10 meters, causing traffic congestion

the collapse depth of Guangzhou Pearl River Bridge section has reached 10 meters, causing traffic congestion

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Guide: the collapse site is only 3 meters away from the toll station in the bridge, the collapse area has reached 100 square meters, and the deepest point is more than 10 meters. He Jian, Xiao Jianning, photographed the collapse with an area of about 100 square meters. The deepest part reached more than 10 meters. No one was injured or killed in the accident, but traffic congestion was caused

the collapse site is only 3 meters away from the toll station in the middle of the bridge. The area of the collapse pit is 100 square meters, and the deepest point is more than 10 meters. Photo by He Jian and Xiao Jianning

the collapse area is about 100 square meters, and the deepest reaches more than 10 meters. No casualties were caused in the accident, but traffic congestion was caused

this article was written by our newspaper Wang Haibo, Li Jinan is a base for professional production of experimental machines. Feng Intern Xu Lifu this photo by our newspaper he Jian and Xiao Jianning

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early yesterday morning, A large area of karst cave collapse occurred at the construction site of the Pearl River bridge expansion project of "Seven Bridges and one tunnel" in Guangzhou, with an area of about 100 square meters and a maximum depth of more than 10 meters

although the accident did not cause casualties, the safety of Guangzhou's main roads has attracted people's attention. Since September, the Hedong Bridge and Guangzhou Bridge, two important entrances and exits in the West and south of Guangzhou, have entered the maintenance status one after another. Through investigation, the newspaper found that the traffic in Guangzhou is putting more and more pressure on bridges, and bridge repair is "a normal thing of last resort"


cracks were found during pile driving, and then large holes collapsed

in the early morning of September 11, near the toll station in qiaozhong street, Liwan District, Guangzhou, a large area of karst cave collapse occurred at the construction site of the Pearl River bridge expansion project. The collapse area is about 100 square meters, and the deepest collapse reaches more than 10 meters. As the construction personnel found the collapse in time, no casualties were caused. However, the collapse seriously affected the local traffic. The construction personnel are filling the collapse, which is expected to be filled and leveled on the same day

after receiving the information, he rushed to the qiaozhong toll station in qiaozhong street at 8:00 a.m. on the 11th, and saw a big hole just about 3 meters away from the qiaozhong toll station. The big hole is located in the center of the cement road, causing at least three lanes to be cut off, causing a serious traffic jam for vehicles going to the Pearl River Bridge. The collapse area is about 100 square meters, and the deepest collapse reaches more than 10 meters. According to the experts directing the construction on site, the site was originally the construction site of the Pearl River bridge expansion project. At present, the landslide has been controlled and will not be expanded

according to several workers working on the site, the collapse occurred at about 2 a.m. on the 11th. At that time, a pile driver was driving underground about 10 meters away from the toll station in the middle of the bridge to prepare for the construction of bridge piers. When the pile was hammered to a depth of about 20 meters below the ground, cracks began to appear on the cement pavement. After the experts directing the construction on site found this situation, they analyzed that there are karst caves under the ground of this section (the so-called karst cave refers to a cavity formed by limestone and sand), and large-scale landslides may occur. At that time, the toll station in the bridge was still in normal operation, and vehicles were still passing through the lane of the toll station in the bridge. If measures are not taken in time, once a landslide occurs, it is likely that the vehicle will fall into the landslide and cause serious consequences

the construction personnel immediately blocked the road leading to the toll station in the bridge, and informed the power transmission station to cut off the power supply, because a low-voltage power pole was in the collapse risk area. The collapse lasted about 2 hours and finally formed a conical hole with a depth of about 10 meters. The pavement collapse area was about 100 square meters

according to the analysis of experts from the construction company Wuhan Municipal Corporation, the underground of the toll station in the bridge is limestone structure with many karst caves, which is caused by the geographical conditions of the construction. This collapse is not a construction accident, nor will it affect the construction progress of the project. The construction unit will spend about 4 hours to fill the collapse with stones and soil, and then pile piles at the collapse to build bridge piers


the bridge eroded by acid rain caused by the pressure of freight cars cannot be repaired.

it was originally stipulated that large vehicles should apply in advance to cross the bridge, but the existing bridge lacks a regulatory order declaration system. For example, since September, the two important entrances and exits in the West and south of Guangzhou - Hedong Bridge and Guangzhou Bridge have been repaired one after another, making the already crowded traffic in Guangzhou even more tense. On September 9, this newspaper reported that some of the traffic tensions in Guangzhou were caused by bridge construction

why do bridges in Guangzhou often need to be repaired? It has been learned from the relevant municipal departments that with the development of traffic, the damage of motor vehicles to the bridge pavement is becoming more and more serious, coupled with the erosion of acid rain, it is really a must

in this regard, experts said that the installation of electronic scales at both ends of the bridge can limit overloaded vehicles on the bridge

heavy-duty vehicles crushed the bridge deck one by one

for several consecutive days, at around 6:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m., they went to the main bridges in Guangzhou, such as the Hedong Bridge, the Pearl River Bridge and the Guangzhou Bridge, and found that large heavy-duty trucks put a lot of pressure on the above bridges

at 11:00 p.m., I came to the Hedong Bridge meeting to show the characteristics of China's nonferrous metal materials industry and discipline. I found that some foreign trucks often appeared on the driveway from east to west, and they were often super high and overloaded. In one minute, an average of 57 vehicles pass by the East-West Expressway, and 5 of the average 10 vehicles are overloaded foreign trucks that have been used in biomedicine, medicine, industry, agriculture and many other fields

according to the people waiting for the bus at the foot of the bridge, such overloaded trucks usually pass the bridge at midnight or even in the early morning in order to avoid inspection. There are probably hundreds of cars an hour on a fine night. They believe that the Hedong Bridge was crushed by these overloaded trucks, and hope that the relevant departments can take good care of these trucks

on the Guangzhou Bridge, a group of Statistics found that after 12:00 p.m., there were about 10 heavy trucks per minute, and they were divided into two categories: one was a container truck, and the other was a mud truck transporting soil, sand and gravel. These huge iron guys ran very fast, and the bridge deck rumbled and shook obviously under the rolling of the wheels

later, on the slightly broken Pearl River Bridge, the group also saw a picture similar to the above two bridges, except that the old Pearl River bridge vibrated more and more under the rolling of heavy vehicles

there is no regulatory declaration system for bridges on large vehicles. For example, the relevant person of Guangzhou municipal system said in an interview that there are actually many factors that harm the bridge pavement. At present, one of the more obvious factors is the rolling of motor vehicles, especially heavy vehicles. According to the person, the general weight of more than 5 tons belongs to "heavy vehicles"

relevant municipal officials pointed out that with the rapid economic development of Guangzhou in recent years, more and more vehicles enter and leave the city. The traffic flow is huge, so the damage speed to the bridge pavement must be greatly accelerated. However, many bridges in Guangzhou were designed in the 1980s, which has a certain gap with the current actual traffic flow. Therefore, the chance of damage is greater, so they often need to be repaired. The repair work of Guangzhou Bridge and Hedong Bridge is a normal maintenance work. Generally, such work will be carried out every three or two years

since heavy vehicles cause great damage to the bridge surface, why does the municipal administration not restrict their driving on the bridge? According to relevant sources, in the past, all heavy vehicles of more than 5 tons had to apply in advance to pass through the municipal bridge. Now there are more and more heavy-duty vehicles, and this system has ended

it is reported that the transportation task is frequent now, and the transportation unit has no time to apply to the municipal management department; However, according to the current traffic management system, the bridge manager and the vehicle investigation unit are often not the same. The manager is responsible for maintaining the bridge, but has no punishment right for vehicles, while the relevant departments with punishment right have no responsibility for maintaining the bridge. Therefore, the bridge application system for heavy vehicles is basically not strictly implemented and investigated

urban acid rain is an accomplice. Bridges are prone to diseases in summer and autumn.

according to bridge construction experts, urban acid rain also has a certain impact on the bridge pavement because it contains a certain degree of acid corrosion and the tension of water itself. Especially in a city with developed industry and economy like Guangzhou, there is abundant rain, and the damage of acid rain to the bridge deck naturally exists

some old employees of the municipal system said that according to their years of experience, once there is water in a small pit pressed out by a car on a bridge, it will slowly expand and eventually affect the traffic. Therefore, it rains frequently in summer and autumn every year, which is often the season of bridge disease in Guangzhou

experts say that the electronic scales installed at the bridge head force overloaded vehicles to lose weight.

professor shaoxudong, director of the Bridge Engineering Research Institute of Hunan University, once participated in the physical examination of "Seven Bridges and one tunnel" in Guangzhou in July this year. When talking about the repair problems of various bridges in Guangzhou, he believed that: in fact, bridges all over the world currently have the problem of deck damage

according to his introduction, in general, formal Bridge Deck Maintenance and nursing work should be carried out every 3-5 years for bridges in urban traffic intensive areas

he explained that this is because bridges have certain natural wear and tear in use, and the root of wear and tear lies in the wheels of motor vehicles. Therefore, the damage of the bridge deck in the past three to five years is natural and normal, which exists all over the world, and the citizens of Guangzhou need not be alarmed; Secondly, according to the current research, the primary factor causing natural wear and tear to the bridge is the huge pressure on the bridge deck caused by passing vehicles. Once the vehicle is overloaded, the damage to the bridge deck will be more severe

professor shaoxudong emphasized that at present, there is no good method to avoid bridge deck damage in the world. Many places can only prolong the service life of the bridge deck by blocking. For example, the recently built Nanjing Changjiang No. 2 bridge cost a huge sum of 5million yuan to install electronic scales at both ends of the bridge, strictly refusing all overloaded vehicles to go on the bridge

however, the staff of Guangzhou municipal authorities said that the installation of electronic scales is not a the final say of the municipal authorities, and requires the cooperation of multiple departments. Municipal officials said that at present, they have to actively patrol and repair problems in time. The maintenance of Guangzhou Bridge and Hedong Bridge this time belongs to this category

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