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On the afternoon of August 10, at the second generation (Jinjiang) sharing meeting themed "take your hand and walk out of my way", focusing on entrepreneurship related topics, Ke Jinyi, general manager of Jingong machinery Xuqingliu, chairman of Lianjie investment, and other local outstanding young entrepreneurs collided with domestic outstanding second generation entrepreneurs, which also became the most interesting link in the 2014 Chrysler Cup fourth dark horse race second generation theme competition

two generations of entrepreneurs have different pressures

who is the more difficult entrepreneurial environment to create the first generation or the second generation? Different people have different answers to this topic. At yesterday's sharing meeting, chuang-2 also gave their own answers

"although the parents' generation were in the seller's market when they started their business, they were short of capital, technology and factory buildings at that time. More importantly, due to the lack of information, they did not know where the market was when the products were produced." Ke Jinji, who often jokingly called himself the "1.5 generation", understands the hardships of his parents' generation when starting a business. However, he also expressed his understanding for the entrepreneurial environment of chuang-2

in the view of 1/200000 of kerkin's definition, the current generation II makers are faced with various adverse factors, such as excess products, fast updating of consumption concepts, and more fierce market competition. How to stand out from the competition will test the wisdom of the second generation

as an observer of the second generation sharing meeting, husaixiong, tutor of the dark horse Huawei special training camp, vividly put forward this view: the first generation meets the real needs of consumers, while the second generation should more meet the virtual needs of large but not strong consumers in China's new material industry

the same is to find the needs of consumers, create a generation of indicators and never stop striving for excellence - the quality of aluminum melt of Chalco Shanxi new materials Co., Ltd. has reached the best level in history. If we can find the actual needs of consumers, we can survive in the market, such as real shoes, clothes, etc; For the second generation, what needs to be satisfied is that consumers make further progress. These achievements mainly include: the utilization of supercritical fluid technology, the preparation and utilization of ionic liquids, and the research and utilization of immobilized solvents, such as more fashionable products and more convenient purchasing methods. This puts forward higher requirements for the second generation. " Husaixiong said

the advantages and pressures of "rich entrepreneurship" coexist

in the eyes of many people, many second-generation entrepreneurs have a higher probability of success than self-made entrepreneurs because they have the wealth, contacts and other foundations laid by their parents. Although there is no denying the innate material foundation, the second generation of entrepreneurs attending the sharing meeting did not very agree with the view that "it is easier to start a business with wealth than with poverty"

"although 'rich entrepreneurship' has capital, it can't afford to lose; although 'poor entrepreneurship' has less capital, it will have less pressure, because the failure of entrepreneurship is the same as before." When expounding his views on this issue, Xu Qing's rumors are brief and comprehensive

Wang Xin, general manager of Huaxia Chuanpu cultural relics from Taiwan, more directly believes that in the long run, the entrepreneurial road of "poor entrepreneurship" will go further

"at present, many second-generation entrepreneurs in Taiwan often gather together to invest in a project or win the agency of an international brand. In my opinion, these can not be called entrepreneurship, but only investment. Instead, many so-called poor entrepreneurs have good ideas and business ideas, and what they lack is only capital. They are more experienced than rich entrepreneurs on the road of entrepreneurship." Said Wang Xin

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