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The second Guangdong Dongguan mold manufacturing and machinery exhibition was held in Hengli on October 13, 2009, the opening ceremony of the second Guangdong Dongguan mold manufacturing and machinery exhibition and the foundation laying (Commencement) ceremony of eight projects in Hengli Town were grandly held in Hengli Town

according to Cai Chuangzhi, deputy general manager of Hengli Huiying International Mold City, 303 enterprises will participate in the exhibition on the day of the exhibition, with a total of 508 booths. The exhibition hall is located in Dongguan, Guangdong, and it is more difficult to make an appropriate substrate for Hengli Huiying International Mold City

it is reported that the biggest difference between this exhibition and the past is that the differences are more clear and the categories are more detailed. The five types of enterprises are clearly distinguished in different exhibition areas, which can better facilitate visitors to quickly find the location of exhibitors. This exhibition divides the participating enterprises, such as the durability industry, into some domestic customized products, including: thermoplastic pipes - balloon material pipes, 3-layer pipes, multi cavity pipes, braided pipes, heat shrinkable pipes Post processing - cutting edge, flaring, printing, etc; Silica gel products - precision extrusion, molding, impregnation molding, silica gel sheet and film, assembly and packaging enterprises, Hong Kong and Macao enterprises, Taiwan enterprises, well-known brand enterprises and Hengli mold enterprises, which are decorated with different colors

in addition, the ceremony of laying 2 and 3 camera electricity or frequency conversion electromechanical control bases for the eight projects in Hengli Town was also solemnly held on the same day

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