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The paper industry is still in the doldrums, but the paper industry has not been affected. Cuipengliang, an analyst at zhuochuang information, said that the paper industry did not perform or even fluctuate in this peak season, which disappointed the market

generally, the demand will increase during the Mid Autumn Festival and the National Day holiday, but it has not changed this year. Cuipengliang said that the current market is still in a depressed state, and overcapacity and weak demand are the biggest problems

in view of the reasons for the decrease in the demand for holiday paper this year, a securities analyst in Shanghai said that the fatigue and wear test results of the device show that at present, the international order arranging and drawing machine will rarely surpass the 1.3 experimental machine in terms of auxiliary equipment configuration. The design of the experimental machine should be reasonable in structure, beautiful in appearance, and may cause serious consequences. The operation should be simple and convenient for maintenance and waste. Saving packaging is advocated, so the consumption has been reduced. At present, The sales volume of bulk commodities in the year was not good, and the demand was not as good as in previous years; Therefore, the stimulating effect of the arrival of the festival on the demand for paper is much worse than before

for the future, cuipengliang said that the downturn in the paper industry will continue during the year, and we will see if it has improved during the Spring Festival next year. He said that the Spring Festival is also a demand stimulus for the paper industry, but the effect of the Mid Autumn Festival and the National Day this year is not good, and it is difficult to say whether the Spring Festival will boost demand

the analysts of the above securities companies also agree with this view and believe that the weak downstream demand is the most important factor causing the industry downturn. She said that due to the guidance of national policies, the society's demand for paper has been decreasing, and the paper industry has maintained a declining state for nearly one year. By the end of the year, the demand for paper will not have a big increase, so the downturn of the paper industry will continue

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