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The geological monitoring "robot" of the Second Artillery Corps made its debut in the earthquake stricken areas and played a miraculous role

seven days to eliminate the dangerous situation of the high-altitude barrier lake in the Eagle mountain, and 20 days to open up the dunxiu highway with "rocks hanging above the head and abyss at the foot". According to the statistics of the Second Artillery Corps for more than 150 years, Wang Zhiben, deputy chief of staff of the Second Artillery Corps, made the experiment with C language programming. Today, people said that the engineering forces can safely and efficiently eliminate the "danger in danger" and get through the "difficulty in difficulty". The "robot" of geological monitoring is indispensable

in the most dangerous "huhuzui" section of dunxiu highway in Anxian County, the beam has moved up and down. Zhaorubin, director of the Second Artillery Engineering Design Institute, zhangchenfeng, deputy director, and Wang ranjiang, road and Bridge Engineer, are respectively staring at the laptop screen. Standing beside us is the "robot" of point, line and plane all-round three-dimensional intelligent geological survey, which is composed of the structural monitoring system, three-dimensional laser scanning system and surface crack deformation monitoring system

seen from a distance, the "robot" supported on the tripod is like a compass. A closer look shows that there is a multi prism "eye" in the "compass", which rotates up, down, left, right and 360 ° all the time. On the computer screen, the surface models of mountains are constantly changing everywhere. Through continuous observation, the geological change trend is clear at a glance

Zhang Chen will not produce a bag of foam residue after finishing the first shift. There is also a pile of fist sized "eyes" in the box on his back. He said that these "eyes" are sophisticated optical instruments, and the "robot" can see where it is installed. With the click of the mouse, he instantly printed out four "ring screen photos" and "full picture of point cloud", which were even clearer than the pictures taken by the digital camera, and even the small cracks on the mountain were clear

several sets of geological monitoring "robots" entered the Second Artillery Engineering force, just like adding "intelligent soldiers", which ensured that they had "scouts" for cutting mountains and roads in the earthquake relief battle time and again. The army is heading for dunxiu highway, and the "robot" is leading the way. At the most dangerous section of the "tiger mouth" section, the "robot" found that there was a boulder 10 meters high and 9.7 meters wide on its head that was about to fall. The engineering force immediately organized personnel to eliminate the danger

scientific decision-making has "datamen". In the past, the quantities, intensity and construction period of road and canal construction were judged by experience. The data were inconsistent, and the personnel and equipment were inaccurate. The "robot" can timely and accurately survey the geological conditions of damaged roads and bridges through circular screen photos and local cloud maps, providing a scientific basis for the formulation of construction schemes

the "safety officer" who prevents danger and avoids danger. On June 9, the engineering unit dug a canal in the Laoyingshan barrier lake at an altitude of more than 100 meters to eliminate the danger. It happened to encounter an aftershock. The "robot" found that the mountain on one side moved nine centimeters within half an hour, and the speed was accelerating. More than 160 people left the scene quickly. In less than 10 minutes, more than 400 cubic meters of landslides occurred, leaving the officers and men in no danger

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