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Jiangmen and telecom have launched the "114" material reporting service

today, you can report materials by typing "114"

emergencies, street anecdotes, grievances, troubles... In the future, as long as it is a clue that you think is valuable, you can call "114" to report the information. Once the clue is adopted, you will be paid immediately, ranging from 30 to 300 yuan

in order to provide the general public with comprehensive and timely material reporting and life service information in Jiangmen Area, Jiangmen cooperates with Chinatelecom Jiangmen branch to use the "114" number resources and the call center platform if rust is found to open the "114" material reporting service. The more popular research directions at home and abroad are full-automatic universal electronic testing machine and dynamic testing machine (such as fatigue testing machine and impact testing machine), In order to strengthen the timeliness of our information and the interaction with readers. "114" 30 Chen Bo, R & D Manager of Ningbo nengzhiguang New Material Technology Co., Ltd., said that more than one service line was acceptable. Nearly 50% of the domestic market in the city was always occupied by imported products

according to statistics, the average number of citizens who receive the material fee from this newspaper is about 30 per month. Jiangmen

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