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Jiangmen China Resources glass project plans to relocate and settle in Enping as a whole.

today, Enping science, industry and Commerce Bureau released public information and signed a project cooperation framework agreement with Jiangmen China Resources Glass Co., Ltd. yesterday (December 27)

it is reported that in order to speed up industrial transformation and upgrading and promote coordinated, green and sustainable economic and social development, in the middle of this year, the Jiangmen Municipal People's government issued the "Jiangmen urban area (main urban area) chemical, glass, tanning, papermaking, ceramic enterprises shutdown, relocation and transformation and supervision plan", and implemented relocation and transformation for the leading batch of relevant enterprises identified. According to the plan, the existing chemical, glass, tanning, papermaking and ceramic production enterprises in the main urban area will be eliminated, closed down, relocated to the park, and retained under supervision (collectively referred to as relocation and transformation) in accordance with the "elimination and shutdown of a batch, relocation and transformation of a batch, retention and supervision of a batch" of high-end polyolefin products such as Si3 yuan copolymer polypropylene film, transparent impact polypropylene, and rapid prototyping transparent polypropylene to replace the 205000 ton road of imported products, And require all urban areas to take the initiative to undertake the relocation of enterprises in the main urban areas

Pengjiang district, as the District of Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province, is the central urban area of Jiangmen, and Jiangmen China Resources Glass Co., Ltd. is just here. The enterprise invested in Hetang Town of Pengjiang district in May 2003. After years of development, the "China Resources" and "China Resources" brand high-quality special flat glass are widely used in automobile, electronics, mirror making, decoration, home furnishing, construction and other industries. The enterprise has been settled in Jiangmen for many years, and has become a key large enterprise in Pengjiang district with law-abiding operation and responsibility

in order to meet the needs of Jiangmen's industrial development adjustment and enterprise project development, Jiangmen China Resources glass project plans to move to Enping as a whole. The planned project investment is 2.1 billion yuan, and the planned land is about 500 mu. The project is carried out in two phases. The leading phase is mainly the construction of three float glass production lines, with an investment of about 1.6 billion yuan. The positioning is inaccurate, and the annual output value is expected to be about 1.8 billion yuan after completion; The second phase is mainly for the construction of glass deep processing industry, with an investment of about 500million yuan. After the completion of the two phases, the estimated annual output value is about 2.8 billion yuan, and the tax revenue is 200million yuan, which can provide about 1000 jobs

in the early stage, Enping City and Jiangmen China Resources Glass Co., Ltd. have been connected for many times in order to achieve comprehensive, harmonious and sustainable development. In March this year, Li Mingfei, chairman of Jiangmen China Resources Glass Co., Ltd., led an expert group to Enping to carry out a field visit to understand the investment environment around land, resources, transportation, electricity, taxation, environmental protection, human resources and policies. At present, the project is settled in hengpo Town, Enping City. Experts believe that

Guan Kaining, member of the Standing Committee of Enping municipal Party committee, pointed out at the signing ceremony that the landing of China Resources glass project is another fruitful achievement of Enping's investment attraction work, and it is also a happy event in the economic life of the city's people. It is a leading step in the cooperation between the two sides and will inject a strong new impetus into Enping's industrial development. In the next step, we will further strengthen the docking with China Resources Glass Co., Ltd., actively track services, accelerate the implementation of projects, promote new breakthroughs in the investment attraction of Enping City, and make new contributions to economic and social development

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