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Jiangmen border inspection donated 60000 yuan to buy 30 solar street lamps to light up the night sky in Xiaoshan village, Guangxi

all the police staff of Jiangmen border inspection station actively donated love and jointly prepared about 60000 yuan to purchase and install 30 solar street lamps for public places such as main roads and theatres in gaopang village

at 7:00 p.m. on November 4, a street lamp lighting ceremony was held in gaopang village, Tongle Miao Township, Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County, Guangxi. 30 solar street lamps were lit together, and the originally dark small mountain village was lit up. The cement pavement near the field and the alleys between the villages were illuminated, and gaopang village said goodbye to the history of no street lamps at night

Wen/TU Jiangmen/correspondent Zhu Leilei/Xue Jun, Chen Haoqi

Xiaoshan village in Guangxi lights up

for the villagers of gaopang village, this is a special day, and their long-awaited wish has finally come true. In the past, the village was dark at night, only illuminated by the weak light from the roadside houses. Now, from the entrance of the village to the end of the alley, it is as bright as day. All the men, women and children of the village rushed to the entrance of the village to witness this historic moment. "In the past, when the night was dark and the village road was steep, we stayed at home as soon as the sun went down. Now it's on in the evening, and we can go out after dinner. Thank the people's police for helping build street lights for our village." Long dengmian, a villager, said happily

gaopang village is located in the west of Sanjiang County, adjacent to Leidong Township and longe Township in Guizhou Province. Villagers' houses are mostly built on hills with an altitude of more than 600 meters, which makes the transportation extremely inconvenient. In the past, restricted by the geographical environment, the economic development of gaopang village was slow, the infrastructure construction was lagging behind, and the village without street lights was dark at night. Theft cases often occurred, and the villagers would not go out without important things

"there is nothing trivial about people's livelihood. We must light up the way for villagers to go home at night!" The poverty alleviation working group of Jiangmen border inspection station of Zhuhai entry-exit border inspection station, which received counterpart assistance, learned about this situation during household investigation, immediately reported the relevant situation, made classified statistics on key sections of gaopang village, and mastered the first-hand information such as the type, quantity and location of street lamps installed

30 street lights illuminate the new life of villagers

in order to make it convenient for gaopang village to travel at night, the working group went deep into many lamp manufacturers in Jiangmen and Zhongshan to investigate and communicate with Gaoke on the actual needs, geographical environment and installation plan of the village such as curve analysis, data storage and comparison of test data. Considering the winding and complex roads in gaopang village, as well as the rainy and foggy weather in mountainous areas and insufficient sunshine, in order to achieve the purposes of independent setting, convenient use, energy conservation and environmental protection, the working group decided to purchase and install monocrystalline silicon solar photovoltaic panel street lamps with high conversion rate for gaopang village after consulting the Tongle township government

after the plan was determined, all the police staff of Jiangmen border inspection station actively donated love and jointly prepared a fund of 60000 yuan to purchase and install 30 solar street lamps for public places such as main roads and theatres in gaopang village

these 30 solar street lamps have effectively solved the problem of villagers' difficulty in traveling at night in gaopang village, lit up the night in the countryside and illuminated the new life of farmers. At the lighting ceremony, Wu Quan, Secretary of gaopang village, delivered the letter of thanks jointly written by 1774 villagers of the village to the head of the poverty alleviation working group of Zhuhai border inspection station in waiwaiwang, "Street lamps not only illuminate the dark road of our gaopang village, illuminate the broad road for villagers to get rid of poverty and become rich, but also warm the hearts of villagers who yearn for a better life, and let us be more determined to win the battle against poverty of lightweight composite structures based on thermoplastic." Wuquanwang, Secretary of gaopang village, said

according to Ruan tongqi, the head of Jiangmen entry exit frontier inspection station, in order to help Sanjiang County get rid of poverty as soon as possible, the station, in accordance with the unified deployment of the National Immigration administration and Zhuhai entry exit frontier inspection station, went to villages and households to feel the hardship of poor households, and successively conducted in-depth and detailed research on the income increase of poor households, employment and recruitment, and industrial assistance; In combination with the theme education of "never forget the original intention and keep the mission firmly in mind", we will spare no efforts to create a "1+n+1" poverty alleviation model of "branches + companies, cooperatives, associations, e-commerce + poor households", connect poor households with various industries through Party organizations and supermarkets, and mobilize party members and policemen of units to first purchase the agricultural and sideline specialties of the co construction village, and change the "blood transfusion" to "hematopoietic" support, causing some unnecessary trouble and poverty; At the same time, students from poor households were organized to visit Jiangmen universities and famous enterprises to learn and publicize the positive energy deeds of the fire-fighting heroes of the station, so as to stimulate the motivation of people's officers in gaopang village to start businesses, and truly achieve the combination of targeted poverty alleviation and "supporting intelligence" and "supporting ambition"

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