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Dajiangfa Jingwei m200 V2 series UAVs bring efficient industry solutions

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DJI Dajiang innovation, a provider of man-machine systems and solutions, today launched the Jingwei m200 V2 series of UAVs and the Dajiang Sikong Government Enterprise Edition. The fully improved functions of the m200 V2 series have brought a new pattern to the application of UAV industry in the world. The second generation longitude latitude m200 series UAV retains the features of the previous generation, such as the solid fuselage design, simple operation settings and convenient customization functions. At the same time, the performance of the flight system has been improved in multiple directions to provide safer and more reliable flight operations; Dajiang Sikong government and Enterprise Edition helps customers in various industries to provide a comprehensive data and organization management platform

the m200 V2 series flight platform maintains the previous fuselage design and optimizes the control system and flight performance. The image transmission system of the m200 V2 series of longitude and latitude is upgraded to ocusync 2.0, which can realize an 8-kilometer image transmission distance [1]. At the same time, it can automatically select and switch between the communication frequency bands of 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz according to the environment, and the anti-interference ability is enhanced

the new TimeSync time synchronization design carried by the m200 V2 series will improve the flight accuracy and reliability to a new level. By continuously synchronizing the clock system of flight control, camera, GPS module, RTK module, third-party load and airborne accessories, and compensating the position of CMOS camera lens center point and antenna center point, the longitude and latitude m200 V2 series can perceive more accurate position information in the task

Jingwei m200 V2 series is equipped with a self heating dual battery system, which can automatically heat up in low temperature environment. It can work normally in cold weather as low as -20 ° C to extreme hot environment as high as 50 ° C, and the endurance time is as long as 38 minutes [3], which can be used for long-term flight operations

longitude latitude m200 V2 series has strong automatic obstacle avoidance ability. The newly upgraded flightautonomy system, combined with forward-looking and down looking sensors, can automatically perceive and avoid obstacles, achieve precise hover, and fly safely in complex scenes. At the same time, the top and bottom of the fuselage are equipped with night lights to indicate the position of the flight platform at night, so as to ensure flight safety, provide additional airspace flight information for the operators of nearby UAVs and traditional aircraft, ensure flight safety, and ensure that night operations in special areas comply with government safety regulations

in addition, the longitude and latitude m200 V2 series has new functions such as flight and data security. Its AES-256 encryption technology can help customers in various industries control or authorize data access rights, provide security for important information, strengthen security in data collection, transmission and storage, and avoid the problem of stealing or leaking data through aircraft hardware

previously, the first generation of Jingwei m200 has been sold to nearly 100 countries around the world, and has outstanding performance in infrastructure inspection, security search and rescue, surveying and mapping and other fields. The m200 V2 series will go further in the superior performance of the first generation. Like the first generation, the m200 V2 series also has three model versions, including m200 V2, M210 V2 and M210 RTK V2, to meet the needs of different scenarios and tasks

longitude and latitude m200 V2 provides a single lower load bracket, which can be used to install camera lens or other data acquisition equipment. Longitude and latitude M210 V2 provides two lower load brackets or upper load brackets, which can be matched with different lenses or loads as required, and is more widely used. Longitude and latitude M210 RTK V2 includes a built-in high-performance RTK module and a compatible d-rtk 2 mobile base station, which can provide centimeter accuracy measurement for complex operations (such as 2D and 3D modeling)

Jingwei m200 V2 series supports a series of load devices, including zenmuse XT2, zenmuse x5s, zenmuse X7, zenmuse Z30, zenmuse x4s and zenmuse XT officially launched by DJI Dajiang; At the same time, it is also compatible with third-party load devices certified in the DJI load software development kit (payload SDK) ecosystem. The m200 V2 series optimizes the reliability of the load equipment. For example, the flight control system can collect data in real time and automatically correct the compass error. The supporting DJI pilot app can calibrate the center of gravity after the load is replaced, which greatly improves the flight safety and ensures the operation task

Jingwei m200 V2 series solutions continue to have in-depth insight into the needs of industry customers. By carrying the Zen Z30 zoom camera, law enforcement and operation personnel can quickly, efficiently and safely complete police reconnaissance and infrastructure inspection, and improve operational efficiency; By carrying the Zen XT2 thermal imaging camera and using the hot start-up projects, it often takes a big detour due to small mistakes. "Image data can quickly locate abnormal parts of facilities and find trapped people at the disaster site; Using the combination of longitude and latitude M210 RTK V2 + Zen X7, you can quickly scan a large area with a high-resolution camera, and obtain accurate two-dimensional or three-dimensional modeling results through modeling software, providing data support for professional decision-making

from now on, for more than 20 years, the m200 V2 series of Jingwei and the government enterprise edition of Dajiang Sikong have been released in their hope ball. Users can purchase Jingwei m200 V2 series through authorized distributors of Dajiang industrial application worldwide

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